Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dogs days of summer

Hey all! Yes, it's been a looooong time since I blogged. It's June now. I've been busy! I'm still working two days a week, but next week I'll be working FOUR. Whoa. Don't think I can deal.
Tonight I pulled weeds in my back yard. Eeeew. It's like a forest back there because I have neglected it sadly, but it's looking much better now, I can actually SEE the ground.
I have also become an amateur filmmaker, here's a cool vid of my cats:

Check it out!
I'll have more to show you as well.
Also I have been working very hard on my designs and have several new ones to show you:

That is my whole Being series, soon all six kits will be for sale together! Watch for it!
Here's the link to my store (in case you forgot it ;))
On a personal note, everything is going great. I am over my depression and am slowly putting God back into my life. I'm so grateful He never left me, even though I left him. Please, if you are the praying kind, pray for me to have a better prayer life and relationship with the Lord.
My kids are doing wonderfully, my little Danny just graduated from kindergarten. The summer has been really busy with the two of them, but we've had lots of laughs so far.
Now switching gears from the serious, I have been bidding a lot on Ebay lately. Here are some of my latest wins:
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I collect vintage Barbies and with a final price of $18, that was a steal for these beauties!
I have also been bidding on Toodles dolls for my mom who collects them. I love Ebay! Today the fam and I went to the Air and Space Museum and then to an antique store, I was surprised when my husband wanted to continue looking at the "junk."
Maybe he will start going antiqueing with me? I hope so ;)
The boys complained endlessly and wanted to go home even though there was some cool stuff there that they liked as well!
One final thing: I am on Meredith Fenwick's news crew now, so look for my article in her upcoming July newsletter!
Hugs to you all and thanks for waiting for me!


Katie - a.k.a. Mommy said...

Those kits are amazing! Love the Barbies too.

Yvette said...

beautiful! Your kits are enchanting and I can visualize that there are some of them I can work well with! And I hate Barbies! Seriously...but I love Bratz dolls! Nice blog you got here!

cindy_i_ said...

The Being Collection is beautiful!

Mindy said...

love those kit! great colors and elements!

Chelle Belle Designs said...

Your designs are absoultely stunning!!! So glad you're feeling better lately.

Mar1anneC said...

Cute kitty!

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