Monday, February 26, 2007

Please. no. more. snow.

I have had just about enough of snow and cold and rain and …
Well, you get the point. I had to cancel my poor little boy’s big birthday bash because of the weather on Sunday.
Needless to say, he was bitterly disappointed.
Of course we did postpone it until next week when I’m sure another snowstorm will hit. I also haven’t made it to church in six weeks because of either illness or snow.
I just want life to get back to normal, to be able to get into my car without worrying what the road ahead is like, whether I will perish because of black ice or unplowed roads.
Actually we all were rather spoiled by the mild winter beforehand. Now it feels like we have all lived in Siberia foreva!
Enough already!
I hate wearing coats, I can’t stand my hair standing up because of static, I loathe slushy boats. I despise wet, dirty rugs.
Dry skin annoys me, cold floors make me want to cry, taking out the trash is like a trek across the frozen north.
O r the land of Hoth from “Star Wars.”
I keep expecting some snow monster to jump out at me from behind the pines in my yard.
Not to mention that my car is one giant pillar of salt.
And if my windshield gets hit with another burst of gunk from a passing semi, I may never be able to see out of it again.
Oh how I long for the car wash again, which I visited when we went through a spell of 50-degree weather, which tricked us all and made us think the spring had sprung.
Ha! Nature and the car wash owners had the last laugh.
What good is a spot free wax if it get obscured by salt and grime?
Another thing that bugs me about winter are the mountains of dirty snow piles in large parking lots. Can’t they be disposed of in some way? They and eyesores to the extreme, big dirty sullen globs of snow, there to mock us and remind us that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, or in the part of the country, in like a lion, out like Chewbacca.
The weather is cold and blustery clear up until June, then it becomes blisteringly hot.
OK I’m just asking for a happy medium somewhere, please!
Although I would prefer 90 plus degrees to snow and ice.
I guess I’m just a child of sun.
I need sun. I need grass. I need to open the windows.
I need to run freely through the valley wearing a flowing white robe and a wreath of daises on my head!
Well not really, but you understand what I mean.
Don’t mind me today. I’m just huddled near my clattering space heater with frozen feet and dry skin.
And I’m not wearing a flowing white robe.


Mizamylou said...

ROFL you had me laughing...what I wouldn't GIVE For some of your snow. We have had a very mild winter, with only about two weeks where it got below 50 and we had about an HOUR's worth of snow ONE time before it melted! The irony of it all just stinks huh? :)

Sus said...

I'm giggling at your post today because it rings very similar to a post I did today! LOL Snow sucks! I live where it snows more of the year than it's warm (we've had snow since the end of September and it probably won't leave until the end of May!) Hope it gets better for you!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Just wanted to say Hi and glad to see you back blogging again.I thought you had left the planet after sooo many times of coming back to see if you were at it again.:)
I love reading your blogs.:)Hope you don't mind if I become a regular reader again.:)
I hate to say it ..but we haven't seen much snow at all this year...please don't be mad.LOL

fran b said...

We moved to AZ desert almost 3 years ago from Albuquerque, NM. We got snow 2 or 3 times in the winter and I'll tell you that was toooo much for me! Snow is fun to visit and play in...not to live in!
I'll take my 110-120 degree summers over cold snowy winters any day!

Donna said...

EXACTLY why I left the frigid north of Minnesota for the warm weather of Florida. There's plenty of room here - and it's 75+ today. Interested in making a move???? (LOL)

AbbysMomma said...

Love your blog header! Too cool...hope the snow leaves ya soon.

Micheline Martin said...

girl I am sooooo over snow Being from Canada and having most of the year with below 0 weather and snow up to my knees I totally feel your pain!I hope it doesn't snow next week for ya!Happy bday to your ds!

Micheline Martin said...

girl I am sooooo over snow Being from Canada and having most of the year with below 0 weather and snow up to my knees I totally feel your pain!I hope it doesn't snow next week for ya!Happy bday to your ds!

Hummie said...

Wow, I could not live where it was so cold. I like my mildly cold Missouri! You have some nice interesting writings on your blog. Hey, I love my Happy Meal!

lukasmummy said...

Lets try this again blogger ate the first commebt lol. We have the opposite problem here its not hot just too bright we have all the curtains closed and its driving me insane that I cant see my computer properly lol. Hope your little one gets his party soon xxx

Boni said...

Now would be agood time for back to the garden PLease!!!!

the GIMP 4 Digi-Scrappers said...

Please come back and blog some more! I'm sure the snow is gone by now! ;) It's MAY!!! :D

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