Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hit us baby, one more time

Although I usually can take or leave celebs for the most part, I find myself somehow drawn to tell-all tabloids. Case in point: The Enquirer. I could read it all the time, but I. must. stop. myself.
Lately I have been following the odd antics of Britney Spears, from pop starlet, to matronly mommy, to party queen and now her latest incarnation, Sinead O’Connor. Yes, Brit decided to go bald. Not only that, but she went and got some tats as well. Odd. The oddest element of this whole new “do” of Britney’s (there are so many odd elements, it’s hard to choose one) is that she did it herself in a salon.
The hairdresser refused to shave her, so Brit grabbed the clippers and did it herself, in front of a throng of photogs I might add.
Publicity stunt?
Yes probably.
Will it help her floundering career?
Probably not.
As most columnists and talk shows alike have been saying, jilted ex-husband Kevin Federline, once maligned by oh, well, everybody is now being known as the “good parent” to he and Britney’s two small boys.
I’m inclined to agree, although really it’s six one way, half dozen the other.
Neither one of them really are fit to raise children. I mean, they couldn’t even take care of Britney’s dogs! I don’t know why celebs even bother procreating. Most of the time the children are treated like little ornaments anyway. Then these prize offspring grow up embittered and write tell-all books about their wayward parents. In Brit’s case, though, that’s probably the least of her worries.
If she even has any.
Now to top it all off, she's in grave danger of actually losing her children. It's funny that Federline is looking more and more competent all of the sudden, who woulda thunk it?


Jones said...

Yeah, she's a kook. lol.

All I can say is I'm glad I have the parents that I have!

Have a great weekend!

Terri said...

so true about the parents and children. Too bad Britt cant seem to handle the stress or something

fran b said...

Too weird....decided to become a party girl after having kids? Isn't suppose to be other way around? What happened to her "mommy" hormones?

fran b said...

PS good to have you back!!

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