Thursday, January 18, 2007

Backpack, backpack, yeah

We thought we lost Max's backpack forever.
We searched all through the house at the 11th hour this morning, hoping the ratty red Star Wars bag (new at the beginning of the school year) would turn up. No such luck.
I thought it was in my car, but hubbo looked and couldn't find it.
Then Max, 7, said he thought he brought it in with him to piano. Great.
Soooo, I called the piano teacher, she said she didn't see it anywhere. OK.
Now what?
After my husband and boys left, I did some more searching, it plain just wasn't in the house.
My husband arrived home a short time later, telling me that while on the way to school, five-year-old Danny piped up from the back seat of the truck saying:
"I think I saw in the back window of mom's car yesterday."
So my husband turns around and sure enough, there's the backpack in the back window, practically shouting "HERE I AM!"
I'm working on some new stuff, a boy kit this time, though. I haven't done enough boyish things. Odd because I have no girls, maybe my desire for a girl comes out through my work. Who knows?

Anyway, here's the first paper:

You likee?? Well, I have been known to abandon a kit, so we'll if this one makes it to fruition.
Anyway, that's all for now, gotta go to work today :O


Deena said...

Cute paper!! Glad you found the backpack, that has happened to us many many times!!

Katie said...

Pretty paper! :)

Elizabeth said...

i love the paper!

funny how things hide in plain sight sometimes! glad you found it!

Juzahlyn said...

love the paper!!

~*Jennifer*~ said...

Glad you found his back pack!

Yeah, I have one paper sitting on my hard drive right now...we'll see if I do anything with it. :)

Lena Brandenburg said...

Our apartment is pretty small and I am a VERY neat person so don't ask me how I lose so much stuff...I say for 5 whole years you get to blame it on your last baby!;). Lovely paper!

kim fuller said...

glad you found it! I'm the type that puts my glasses on my head and then minutes later begins to search madly for them!

btw, that is one *very* cool paper.

Terri said...

oh I do like the paper! I have been waiting for you to make a boy kit!!!!!!!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Don't you just adore how DH's can look with their eyes shut? Sometimes they don't see things right in front of them.... kinda like kids! LOL!

Glad you found the backpack & what a fun paper!

Heather Heizner said...

What a fun paper!!!! Glad to hear you found the backpack!

DigiBrandi said...

Don't you love finding things in plain sight? Urgh. That paper looks interesting. You'd BETTER get that boy kit made... I have a new baby boy and I want to scrap the heck out of him!

Krash said...

LOVE the paper:)

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