Saturday, January 13, 2007

Snow tires me out

Chello! Well it snowed again today. Whoo. I hate driving on snow, it's horrible. I really don't feel like dying on an icy road somewhere. The thought makes me cringe. I know "they" say to turn into the skid, but what if you're skidding toward a phone pole? Then what? Sorry, but I ain't turning into the skid then. Nope. Or what if you are skidding toward a semi? Anyway, ponder all of these scenarios for a moment ...
Anyway, so I had to take the kiddos to swim lessons. It worked out pretty well. Five-year-old Danny's lesson was at 9 a.m. (I must stress this is waaay too early for me to get up on a Saturday) but we were there on time, snow and ice and all. The class for Max, 7, was at 9:35 a.m. So basically I felt like I was making a freaking day of it there at the YMCA. My cup of coffee was clinched tightly in my fingers and a newspaper tucked under my arm. I was ready to "watch" the kids swim.
Danny did wonderfully. He didn't pass "Pike" the last time, so he has to retake it. This time around, though, his swimming had much improved.
But he wore a scowl on his face nearly the entire time. As usual.
Max of course was totally gung-ho as always. I was sitting behind a glass wall on some bleachers watching his facial expressions. He was animated as always, chatting with other members in his little "Polliwog" group.
He's such a talkative little stinker.
It felt as though hours had passed when it was finally time to leave. When froze as we were walking to the car, the boys' wet hair sticking up in little peaks.
I slowly drove my car out of the precarious spot it was in with snow around the tires and was able to break free. But I insisted that there was no talking in the car. I needed to concentrate.
I decided to go to my parents house. I spent the rest of the day there. My original intent was to drop the boys off there while I stocked up on groceries (because of course "they" are predicting more snow), but I ended up staying. It was a carefree afternoon. I read an Enquirer, talked, watched TV and ate pizza. My brother was there too! Pure bliss! My boys love to spend time with their uncle.
When I had to leave the warm glow of contentment, I dreaded driving in the snowy weather again. Ick. But by some miracle I survived. And I am here to type about it.
So how was your day?


Yen said...

Hi Steph! Thanks for dropping by:)

I don't like snow too..But we don't have any snow yet here since winter started which is

Have a great Sunday!

Lena Brandenburg said...

LOL...did you know I used to teach swimming lessons at the Y? Nathan is a polliwog...when I take him...poor kid just can't swim LOL...I agree...getting up early is not my favorite thing either ;)

MaryE said...

You are too funny, Stephanie. I love stopping by here. I'll be back

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Looks like you did have a carefree day, except for driving the snow..I hate that too!! So scarry...We didn´t have nsow here yet...Overe here it looks like spring is really weird!!

Have a great sunday!!

fran b said...

i hate icy roads too!!We moved to the desert 2 years i don't have to worry about it any more! yaaaa!

Melanie said...

Ugh...I hate snow and ice too! Sounds like you had a great day though! Hope the rest of your weekend was great!

Terri said...

awe. Must be nice sitting in the "bleachers" Right now i have to get into my swim suit and take Mason :) I dont know about the 9am on a Saturday. I guess its comming but for now I like my 10am class.
I just dont like the icky weather either. Dont get me wrong I love to ski and winter activities but not the life threatening trips to get there

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