Friday, January 12, 2007

On the heels of holiday comes a dangerous toy

Sorry I haven't updated for a couple of days. We have been BUSY. Here's what I did yesterday ...
Max, 7, has decided what he wants for his birthday, besides the moon, I mean this literally.
He would like a pair of “Heelys.” For the un-hip (like me) these are a brand of shoes with a wheel in the heel. For what purpose? So one could skate everywhere they go, I guess.
So we pounded the pavement, or rather, the mall walkways for the said shoes. We checked Target, the hub of all things cool and trendy. No dice.
I guess Target isn’t worth their hipster salt.
Then we looked in Foot Locker. Nada.
But the employees at Foot Locker and a security guard that happened by both suggested we check out another store near Panera Bread.
We practically ran to this exciting locale, brushed past the Doc Martens and looked around. Where were they?
I made Max ask the clerk, after all he’s the one who must have these skate shoes or whatever they are.
“Uh, do you have those shoes with the wheel in the heel?” Max asked nervously.
“Heelys? We sure do!” She said proudly and led Max to a display with different colors and sizes of the crazy footwear.
Max was hog-shoe heaven.
“Oh boy, I want the black ones!” He said excitedly, “can I get them today??”
“Well, why don’t we wait,” I said, as they were about 60 bucks.
Max was clearly bummed. We went home empty handed, well except for 5-year-old Danny’s “Cars” shoes. He all but ruined his old pair of shoes, so new footwear for him was an absolute necessity. Plus he really loves the Pixar movie, so it was fitting. Plus they were only $16.99. A much more uh, comfortable price. And no wheels.
So, Max anxiously awaited his dad’s return from work. He wanted to tell him about the Heelys.
“I want those and telescope!” He chirped. He’s not spoiled or anything, though.
Long story short, dear old dad put he kibosh on the trundling tennies.
“He’ll fall down and crack his head open,” he said with knitted brows.
In spite of our exhausting search, Max wasn’t exactly crushed.
“OK, I’ll just take a bow and arrow set,” he said.


Betty Jo said...

Hi Stephanie and thanks for your visit! Ooooo those tennies actually sound rather cool. Wonder if they would help me get my housework done any faster! LOL

Lena Brandenburg said...

Oh my gosh Stephanie those shoes are ALL that my 6 year old talks about. NO WAY! :) Your comment on my blog yesterday really made my day, dear! I wanted you to know that! I am now in prayer pact with you and my friend's nice to be reminded to count my blessings :) have a great Saturday!

Donna said...

Oh, those shoes - they're all the rage! You crack me up with your storytelling; it's no wonder you won that journalism award.

Anonymous said...

We bought that heeleys for our 8 year old son in the mall, he put them on and wore them for 10 minutes, then said to us, "I shouldn't a bought these."
LMAO! He fell sooo many times.
So we immediately returned them!!
I think they are dangerous and not to mention the damage they do to floors!!! LOL!
The other Stephanie from Laura's CT

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