Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Check this out!

Got the coolest bow action ever! See? I, Stephanie Ogren, have made this bow! I love it! It's going into the Love Fool kit straight away. I am going to make many more bows, too. It's so easy, I got the action right here www.renderedmemories.com .
Anyway, I'm still going to make 'em from scratch too, but it's nice to have an action for when I'm in a hurry and stuff. Uh, which is all the time.
Oh well.
Max and Danny are safely at school. Today is Taco Tuesday there. So I didn't have to pack lunches this morning. Cool. Gotta love that. The boys got themselves ready (it's nice that they are older and can do that) but when we got to school, I noticed that Max had his shirt on inside-out. Maybe it's the lighting around here, he can never get his shirts on right. They are either backward or inside-out or something is amiss.
Although I don't see how that can be the lighting, when my hubbo has installed really bright lights all the way through the house. Oh well, Max sometimes has a short little span of attention and gets in a hurry. Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that stuff from?
Anyway, I love the movie "Cars." Have you guys seen this flick? It's so darn cute and I love the tow truck Mater. The boys got it for Christmas and we have watched it over and over and over. But I don't get sick of it, it's like "Finding Nemo."
Well, I better get to cleaning now, this house is beginning to fall by the wayside again, I feel my resolutions slipping. Save me from myself!


Julie (mrs2a50) said...

That bow is too cool! And I'm laughing at your police story!

ymA said...

Cars is too cute, isn't it!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Cleaning? what's that..LOL.
That was also one of my resolutions but to be honest..did a little household since newyears, but not the things I planned... First of all I waited till blogger got back up and wrote my blog and also made a page today;) busy me:)))

Love the bow..looks awsome!!

Lena Brandenburg said...

You mean you get tired of Finding Nemo? LOL Okay so I don't get tired of that movie but 4 years ago when Nathan was 2 I had to buy a SECOND Shrek DVD because the original was so worn out! We literally watched it about 4 times a day, every day. But, I kind of miss that phase! I agree, I love Cars too! :)

Melanie said...

Your bow is gorgeous!! :) I just love it!

We're on a Cars kick at our house too. Christian is absolutely obsessed with it and we watch it at least 1-2 times a day! :) I agree with you...it's so darn cute, I'm not sick of it yet, either! We all walk around the house singing the songs and having a good old time with it.

Happy Tuesday to you!

Lena Brandenburg said...

Stephanie, I think that that is a wonderful idea! ;) we have a deal *wink*

Susan said...

I ADORE Cars and never get sick of any Pixar movie ever made!!!

Betty Jo said...

Awwww . . . thanks for your visit. I'm embarrassed anyone saw my blog in such a state. Hope to remedy that soon, as I think there is a move to a new one in my future. Love your new bow. Cars is a favorite around our house. Our granddaughters love it and wanted Cars stuff for Christmas, especially Mater! :0)

MaryE said...

I love the bow.
Gotta love it when they can feed and dress themselves!

Laura said...

I have that same action, well one like it and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! Love the bow girl!!!!!

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