Tuesday, December 05, 2006

In search of The Polar Express

Well today was the great search for the Polar Express train for Max. It is the boys favorite Christmas movie. So in our seach we scoured two hobby stores and found it for a cheaper price at a place called Hobbytown.
But the first place we hit was a small shop that had that smell. You know what smell I'm talking about. It's a combination between attic, must and old food. Anyway, the guys in there knew everything there was to know about old trains, and talked at length about it to one another.
They ignored us.
For a moment, I thought I had walked into a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young reunion, only there was no Stills. It was odd.
I found a rather interesting Brooke Shields doll from the '80s, but it was on a very high shelf and I didn't want to ask Crosby to get it down for me.
We pretended to look around some more in the stink shack and got the heck outta there.
As we were leaving I heard Crosby say to Nash "I can't believe Lionel would make a train that you couldn't hook cars too, and they did that for three years ... "
The second store, Hobbytown, was much nicer, bigger and didn't smell like old food. But there was a man in there who was talking so loudly on his cell phone that I knew intimate details of his life that I did not want to know. There are some things you just can't "unhear." Let me just say this: His car had a bumper sticker on it that was rainbow colored and said "Embrace Diversity."
We got the train bought and paid for before "diversity guy" could finish his convo.
It's really cool. I'm sure my husband will enjoy hours of fun with it.
Now for some scrapping news. I showed you all of my kits at SBE, but here is one that isn't even in the store yet that I will give you a sneak peak of:

Like it? I can't wait until it's in the store. I'm so excited about it.
Anyway, I have to go help out at the school so I guess that's all for today.


Donna said...

BE-UT-IFUL kit Stephanie. Definitely the "Reason For the Season". I'm sure it will do well.

Boni said...

where is back to the garden???? I love the amy one and reason for the season Ill get thoes payday Please I need back to the garden !!!
Cinderella Im so glad you are back hugs

Terri said...

Oh and I am guilty of reading your blog but leaving no love! Sorry. Consider this L.O.V.E.

Toni Anne Berman said...

That kit is gorgeous, as always! :) rock on with your bows! ;)

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