Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunshine of your love ...

Well, since I picked up some catnip bags at PetSmart my cats have not left their bed.
Look at the pics above and see for yourself. Kitty Bobo is now sportin' a bandana and claims to have a love of Harleys. I think I saw her with a pack of camels. Py thinks she's Marilyn Monroe. Or Marilyn Manson, don't know which. Maybe Freddie Mercury.
The drug-addled felines stay in their basket, huddled together, catnip close by.
It's like an opium den over there.
I could have sworn I heard the faint sound of "In the Sunshine of Your Love" playing in the bathroom where their baskquito is.
Yes, it's on the bathroom counter. I know, weird, but that's where they want to sleep, in a laundry basket now filled with two old blankets.
They love it. They can escape the dog that way.
And now they love it even more because they can trip and sleep.
So I think it's time for the catnip bags to go bye-bye. I don't want stoned cats. Kitty Bobo now wears John Lennon shades all the time. All this must end.
Anyway, Max and Danny have asked for more trains for Christmas. I can't take it. Now Danny wants this Christmas train that has presents on it and Santa figurines.
OK. When did these children become so spoiled?
Of course when I was little my heart's desire was a Cabbage Patch Doll, which I received. It was

the year NO ONE could find them, but my mom totally lucked out and happened to be in the right place at the right time. This tiny store in my tiny hometown got a shipment of THREE.
My mom was right there and said "Could I please have one?" They took pity on her. It was even a redhead like I wanted. That was a great Christmas. Thanks mom!
For those you lovely ladies asking about my Divine Digital kits, the answer is I've scrapped those. No not that way. I've tossed them. I'm making all new kits for SBE, because I'm a NEW WOMAN now. LOL. I may revise the kits and resell them there, but I will never sell those original ones. :) Thanks for asking though. I love you guys *sigh*


JoAnn said...

Wow!! Cute kitties! :) I love your new kits. They're very pretty! I'm glad to see that you're back! I hope you can find the trains that you need! Yikes! I love that Cabbage Patch Doll! I have one like it too! I can't bring myself to give it away. Talk to ya later!

Terri said...

Haha, how old are you? NO seriously, you must be around my age as i totally got one of the Cabbage Patch dolls that year too. Not sure how old I was then, but I think my Grandpa went to the states to get it for us. I still have my cabage patch doll minus the clothes. Not sure where they went lol.

Leila said...

Oh my word, those kitties are too funny. You crack me up...first with all your "odes" and now this!!!

Tabatha said...

Omg, your cats crack me up!! Those photos are hilarious!! I had a Cabbage Patch kid too growing up. It was a stinky old boy one, I always wanted a girl. Maybe I'll get one for myself this Christmas ;)!!

Terri said...

LOL I was just noticing your #26 on top blogs! You go girl!
And those photos do rawk!

Toni Anne Berman said...

hahaha, what are you doing to those kitties!? too funny! I had a cabbage patch just like yours, same hairstyle, but it was brown. Then I had an african american cabbage patch, and a preemie that was bald. lol Do you remember the cabbage patch pet things? What were they called? Koosas or something like that. I had one of those crazy things too! Ooooh, I'm rambling! lmao *MUAH*

Mary said...

My cats have a thing about the bathroom too. The big one likes to sleep in the bathroom sink, and gets quite insulted if he's moved so hands can be washed, etc. It makes sence I guess because he can see out the window from the sink and still stay out of the dog's way. The little one likes to hang out in front of the hot air return. I ALWAYS have company in the bathroom! LOL!

fran b said...

i was too old to understand the cabbage patch appeal, so my dd did without....i just couldn't bring myself to buy one of those g-- awful things!

love your cats...being an old 60's hippie...catnip i can understand!

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