Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wanna see something really scary??

Well, I didn't do a Halloween post yesterday because I busier than a one armed paper hanger in a ... I never remember the rest of that saying.
Anyway, the boys lived it up last night and got a whole load of candy, as if I needed that! My MIL brought cupcakes over also and my parents gave the kiddos huge popcorn balls. Stop the insanity!!! I can't take it! I can't go over 42 grams of fat per day people! Ahhhhh!
Sooooo, anyway on to the photos, you guys asked for it, you get it. Photos of me, DH, my dad and of course the kiddos on Halloween. Brace yourselves.

Aren't we just so adorable? Not! I did opt to be a dead flight attendant, which I thought was pretty darn funny since hubbo is a pilot. And of course Max and Danny, above, with my dad, were cute as buttons!
Anyway, the haul was great for the boys, they wanted to eat candy until they threw up and Danny nearly did.
I know what you're thinking, I'm a bad parent.
So basically last night and today were just nothing but torture for me having that candy around, I did splurge a bit and have some unfortunately :(
Well, I guess there's always tomorrow to fast ...
The holidays really suck.
Today was also a special day because I ACTUALLY SCRAPPED A PAGE! No way, you say. Oh yes, and here tiz:

It's my little crabola Danny. I made it with Heather Melzer's Thankful kit, a gift for DST goldmembers.
Goldmember. That still makes me crack up.
Hopefully I can post earlier tomorrow. See ya!


Donna said...

How wonderful! The pilot costume is super. You're not so bad yourself, even if you're dead (hehe). Thanks for sharing photos with us.



VJ's Scrap Room said...

These photos are great!Thanks for showing them to us:)Looks like you all had a blast! Dead flight attendant??? Hope your hubby wasn't in the pilots seat. I would want to make sure I took a different flight.LOL

ConnyB said...

What a lovely Layout! I love the colors in this one :)
And your photos are stunning! The spider-man costume was really spooky *g* Seems like you´ve had lots of fun!

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