Monday, October 30, 2006

It's going to be a cold day in ....

It's cold again!
I can't believe it.
It's been so warm the past few days, the boys and I went to the zoo on Sunday and it was - no kidding - 70 degrees! Of course I heard that tomorrow for Halloween it's supposed to be way cold and windy.
At the zoo we rode the train to see the animals. It was also the zoo's Halloween day so a lot of kids were dressed up in costumes. Not mine. I think the boys felt a little left out, but my MIL had tickets for the train and had been talking about going for about three weeks (we kept putting it off because of the weather, go figure).
Anyway, in spite of being costumeless, the boys had fun anyway.
When we passed the cheetah, some kids behind us yelled, "Look, there's a tiger!"
Max turned around a bit and looked at them out of the corner of his eye.
Then he said to me in his loudest voice, while still looking at them, "Mom, that's a cheetah, not a tiger, because tigers have stripes!"
I love how subtly he corrects people.
We ate a place called King Kong after our zoo excursion and I ate a gyro. I couldn't eat anything else for the rest of the day because the gyro was over my daily alloted grams of fat intake.
Man, who knew that a frickin gyro is 44 odd grams of fat??
I guess that's why they called the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."
We also went to the nursing home that day to visit my husband's great aunt, Grace. She's 102 and can't see or hear very well, but she's still quite lucid. The boys really like to visit her but sometimes they get a little freaked out. Not by her, but by her neighbors who tell the boys to "be quiet!!" They are not used to being quiet so they get a little weirded out. Here's a picture of them with Grace during the summer.

The boys and I were busy all day on Saturday too. As you read already, we had a costume party to go to.
Well, I was about the only adult dressed up.
Figures. Luckily I brought along a change of clothes so I didn't feel too ridiculous, but I did look cute for awhile as a flight attendant next to Max's pilot.
Maybe I'll wear the costume again tomorrow night while giving away candy. My hub is home so he's taking the kids treak-or-treating.
Maybe I can be a dead flight attendant. Would that be in poor taste being married to a pilot and all???
Speaking of candy ... I lost two pounds!!! Yeah! Pretty soon I will be that svelte 123 again.
Yeah, right.
I was pretty excited about Halloween but not now. I can't eat my beloved chocolate, but I just have to remember, size 6 ....
The boys, however, are pretty excited. Max of course is going to be a pilot and Daniel will be SpiderMan. Like anyone is going to see their costumes when they are all bundled up because it will be a gazillion degrees below zero but oh well. At least I will be safe in the house ;)
Happy Halloween everyone! (not the evil part of it tho)


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Okay..where are the pics of you and your hubby dressed up so cute?LOL
I bet it was fun:)

Stephanie said...

Don't have pics yet! They are coming!

Anonymous said...

I want to see the pics too!!!

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