Friday, November 03, 2006

Might as well face it I'm addicted to EVERYTHING

Well, I stayed home from work today because Danny was sick. He had a bunch of green stuff coming out of his nose. Basically he didn't ACT sick. So, I took him to the doctor and she promptly gave him and antibiotic and some decongestant.
He's at my parent's house now along with his brother and of course my hubbo is in L.A., so I'm alone again ... naturally.
But I've really been in the mood to scrap today. I've also been in the mood to peruse the Internet. A story on Yahoo today alerted me to the fact that I am an Internet addict. Seriously.
I need to stop. Well maybe not stop, but just surf in moderation. I don't want to delve any further into this non-stop posting and chat room usage.
It's weird. I just can't stay off the computer it seems like. Household chores get pushed aside in lieu of my strange habit.
Time passes by so quickly.
And Digi Shop Talk will be my undoing, I swear it.
So, how to stop surfing so much when being a digi-scrapper/designer REQUIRES it?
Hmmm. Dunno.
I wish I could just bring balance to the force. But balance is definitely not one of my strong suits. Or patience. Or any of those other virtuous things.
I'm kind of an all or nothing girl, unfortunately. Today I saw chocolate liquor in the store and nearly had a heart attack.
I just cannot handle temptation. At least I didn't buy the stuff, but I was thisclose.
I also was coveting the new Ghirardelli Limited Edition Peppermint Bark here.
Oh man, why does everything that tastes good be so darn bad.
It's the cruel joke of life. And I'm the one the joke is being told at the expense of. Seriously.
I'm so addictive that if I'm not on the Internet I want to eat. Shame, shame.
And if I'm not eating I want to shop, and if I'm not shopping I want to gamble. Just kidding.
Anyway, enough on that. Off to post some more ...


VJ's Scrap Room said...

You are sooo funny.LOL I know what you mean about "all or nothing" I am that way ..I get started on something I like and you can't stop me.:)They can't say we don't have determination.LOL
Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Bob Dylan. How I remember that song!!! Brings back a lot of memories... (Man, I'm getting old!)Love your "The Crab" layout. Fabulous! Can totally relate with your latest rant!!! ;-D

Lil B

Laura said...

LOL on that last part, sounds like me, I am addicted too :)

Amy Musgrave said...

you won't stop espicially now, DST SUCKS! Can you make a blinkie for that? Don't waste you time at that horrible place. They say a place where disigners and customers come together, Bullshit. It is all about the designers... isn't is always? Heaven forbid they listen to what LAME person who ACTUALLY BUYS THEIR WORK! Ahh that was a nice rant, I hate DST!

Pillowgirl said...

You and me both, I tell ya. My husband wants to shut my internet off most of the time I am so obsessed HAHAHA I tell him that if he does, I will turn off his TV :)

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