Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friendly skies?

Well, I have an update. I didn't get the princess costume, *cry* because it didn't fit. Way too small, it was a size 6. WHAAAAA! I tried it on right there in the middle of the store, but it was pandemonium so no really cared much. I didn't strip or anything! Just took off my over shirt, (had a T-Shirt on underneath) and asked Max to zip me. People were walking in and out of the aisles, just glancing at me.

"Mom, I can't zip anymore!" Max said, after tugging on the zipper for quite a while.
"Bummer, well I guess it's the flight attendant costume, then," I said.
The flight attendant costume is actually perfect because of course my hubbo is a real-life pilot and Max is going to be a pilot for Halloween. I guess it was fate that the princess and the flight attendant were the only costumes left in the picked-over adult costume section.
Again bummer.
Why do I have to be so dang large now? I year ago I could have fit into that size 6. No prob.
Then Max proceeded to lecture me right there in Target.
"Mom, you could wear this stuff if you would stop eating chocolate!"
"I know Max."
"Chocolate is what makes you fat!" he said, loud enough for everyone to hear him.
Some giggled, some kept on walking and didn't glance our way. Embarassed for me I'm sure.
The weird thing about the flight attendant outfit is that it is a wrap around dress, so I don't even know how in the heck to put it on.
I'm sure I will look like a well-fed flight attendant, I be sure to put pics on here later, but for now I gotta go change and look ridiculous.


cindiaskew said...

been trying to give a comment for days and couldn't get into it. strange. i wanted to ask you if you've ever seen or read anything about sylvia brown. this relates to your christan and ghosts blog. by the way, did you turn me on to the 5 love languages book? if so, thank u, thx u, thanks. now i want to buy a copy for everyone i love for christmas.

Stephanie said...

Hey cool, I'm glad I gave you a good idea! Now if only I could apply the book to real life, too. Sigh

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