Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wake me up when September ends ... uh yeah

Well my boys started school today. My youngest is a kindergartener now.
That means they are both gone ALL day. At first I thought I would be happy. I could have some time alone and get some things done in peace and quiet.
Quiet is right. Too quiet. Scary quiet. Crazy quiet. Crickets chirping quiet. OK.
No one to yell at, no one laugh with, except my hubbo who was sleeping.
Couldn't get much laughs outta him, huh? No one to argue about lunch with, well except hubbo since now I was boiling over with resentment that he could sleep like a baby while I went through this mini-crisis.
There was no one to tell to go outside.
Well, except the dog, but I had to take him out myself.
No one to follow me from room to room asking 18 million questions.
Yes, I was utterly alone. And utterly bored. I made the slide shows here on the blog, as you can see, I designed a bit, I cleaned, I looked on the Internet, I cleaned, I folded laundry ...
After that there was just really nothing to do. Except clean the cat box but I didn't feel like doing that. I felt despondent all of the sudden.
I felt as if I had no purpose. Is this what it's gonna be like when my kids grown up and leave? Frightening.
I took a nap. When I woke up I firmly decided that I will get a job. Mostly because I do odd things when I'm bored, such as spend money and eat.
And as everyone knows, these highly addictive things should not be done when bored. And if I'm working, I won't have time to think about cash and stuff my face.
Well I could think about cash, since I would have more.
Once I picked the kids up and we got home I felt normal again.
And I was back to yelling. The kids followed me to the potty along with the dog. Ah normalcy.

Here's your freebie, it's a jewelry box, I don't know what the heck you're gonna do with it, but I'm sure you'll figure it out! Remember who loves ya. Me! And Jesus.


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you for the pretty jewelry box.I am sure I will find a way to use it.:-) I love jewelry boxes.My husband got me a gorgeous one for Christmas one time and when I opened it..he had filled it with jewelry.How cool is that.?:)

dmook said...

Love the slide show - nice addition. Sorry you had to go through a tough day - think God was helping you to make a decision? :-)


Stephanie said...

LOL I think so!

~ Joy ~ said...

oh gosh... I totally know how you feel.. but now my babies are gone.. they have babies of their own.. and it was so hard on me.. I still miss having them home to this day. hang in there..hugs joy

dmook said...

You changed your picture again! You have such a beautiful smile. I like it much better than your "edgy" one you had before.


Stephanie said...

Thanks Donna, I felt edgy the day I put it on there and it just stuck! But I was sick of looking at my "I'm gonna kill ya!" face.

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