Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shining happy people ... on the phone

Day two of my insanity.
Today I was on the computer ALL DAY LONG. I kid you not.
I am currently my church's graphic artist so I did some work for them, which is here. What do you think?
I downloaded a whole lotta songs, talked to myself, ate chocolate, took the dog out and left him there and NO I still didn't clean the catbox.
But I did do something really cool today. I talked to my good buddy Miriam Lima on the phone.
It's weird talking to someone on the phone that you have "talked" to on Hello more times than you can count. But once the intial awkwardness is over, it's like you're old friends, and oddly enough, you ARE old friends. Just not in person.
I felt the same way when I talked to Amy Musgrave on the phone.
At first I was like "Is this Amy?" Well of course it was, she knew it was me calling, I was just really nervous.
What I also find interesting is everyone's accents.
Accents that they don't think they have.
Amy for example has the most lovely lilt to her voice, it's soft and Canadian. She pronounces her A's differently than me, too. I say, "I'm gonna do some scraaaping." The A sound is like "at."
Her A sound is ahh, as in "I'm going to do some scraahhhping."
Anyway, it's just so cute.
Miriam, on the other hand had what I call a "yankee" accent. Definitely a subtle New York patter. Her voice was girly and she talks just like she writes!
I'm sure I sound like a big old hick to them, and I am actually. I end sentences with a prepositions and I love it.
That reminds me of a joke I got on my e-mail:
A girl from Iowa and a girl from the east coast were seated side by side on a airplane. The girl from Iowa being friendly and all, said, "So where ya from?"The east coast girl said, "From a place where they know better than to use a preposition at the end of a sentence."
The girl from Iowa sat quietly for a few moments and replied:

"So where ya from, b*tch?"

That just cracks me up. Sorry east coasters, ya know I love ya!
Anyway, here's your freebie, it's a butterfly, and a heart. I know I'm not doing really big freebies anymore, but I will, trust me :) I probably should finish a kit or something or The Daily Scrap is gonna send me packing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, the butterfly and heart are beautiful!


Gret said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much. :)

~ Joy ~ said...

What a crack up you are.. first I love the work you did for your church.. awesome. I love the joke.. and of course I love the freebie. thanks..

Anonymous said...

You're too much! Just love reading your blog everyday 'cause I know I will have a good time laughing.;D BTW, thanks for the butterfly pin!

Lil B (one of those New Yorkers!!!):-D

VJ's Scrap Room said...

How could I say it better than joy did?thanks:-)

Miriam's Blog said...

I'm a yankee....LOL. I love that stinking joke! LMAO! Very nice butterfly..thanks

....glad we are friends!

Deli said...

very beautiful. thank you very much

Lilly said...

Love the freebies!!! And the graphic you did for your church looks great!

Love reading your blog; you're too funny.

JoAnn said...

How gorgeous! I'm still lovin the bling! :) Thank you Stephanie!

Amy's Images said...

Too funny Steph, I did not know that I pronounced my A's that way. I still don't understand how someone from Iowa has a southern accent.... something you are not telling me? hmmmmm *smile*

Paula Clare said...

The slide you made from "the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" is FABulous! It's my favorite quote from the movie! I have used it when sharing with my clients about how God doesn't always do what we expect, but He always does what is GOOD! Thank you for the download...I'll share it with my clients and my church!

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