Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm bringing sexy back (not really)

Sorry guys, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger in a ... I can't remember the rest of that saying but you know what I mean.
I had to work at my "real" job on Thursday and Friday because of the holiday. I usually work on Monday and Friday and that's typically more than enough for me. Although I think hubbo wants me to get another "real" job to help pay the "real" bills which have accumulated since I quit my other "real" fulltime job a year ago. And since the kiddos are going back to school, I guess it would be a perfect time to work again, especially now that Danny, 5, is going into kindergarten and will be in school a full day.
What else am I gonna do all day long?
Oh you betcha.
Work out?
Uh, yeah, sure.
I just don't know. So I guess I'm on the fence here. I want to help support the family more but I also want to be there for my kids as much as possible.
If I could just find a flexible schedule and still get that fulltime money that would be great. Don't want much do I? Anyway, I did apply somewhere today, I'm just going to leave it in the Lord's hands as He is the one who will direct me to where I should be.
I asked Him to show me if I should work fulltime again or not.
We'll see what happens.
Right now I must confess that I'm a bit against working fulltime again. But I was also against public school and I'm wavering with that, too. My plans are to send my kids to their private school this year, then send them to public next year.
My husband and I constantly disagreed about that. He said the money we were pouring into the private school would be better spent on their college education. But I stubbornly said "No, they are staying at the private school."
So I think the Lord was at work on my heart so I could see my husband's side. Now I think with the foundation the boys have at home, public school isn't gonna be so scary. I guess a job wouldn't be that scary either.
After all, I've done it before.

Also the Croc Hunter died, it's so sad, here's a great tribute to him.

Here's your freebie, (photo here, blogger not working again)
It's more jewelry, I love this stuff and I love being BOHO! Oh btw, I intend to do a paper pack for you, too. Don't worry.

Also like the song? I know, it's weird for me, but I can't help it, I just love the tune. Thanks a lot Ames!


Bridgitt said...

This is the first freebie of yours I've seen, thanks! Can't wait to use that crown. I love jewelry, so I am excited that more designers are adding those types of embellishments! I read your whole blog and laughed, we have a lot in common! The only difference is that I have girls instead of boys. Good luck finding a job. I am considering doing the same but hate to look and wonder who will hire me for a few hours a day while the kids are at school. I'm loving the peace and quiet so far, but miss them at the same time! Anyway, thanks again.

Stephanie said...

Thanks a lot Bridgitt, I appreciate your nice comments. It's tough to find the right kind of job that's for sure, one that we won't hate!

kat said...

Your jewelry is so nice! My granddaughters are going to love the crown. Thanks so much for sharing. I believe you are right in leaving the decision to work more in God's hands. And I don't think you will ever be sorry you had the boys in private school.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your jewelry collections.:) Thank you for sharing them with me.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I don't mean to preach but wanted to share my favorite verse with you.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him and HE will direct your path.
This verse has gotten me through soooo many situations where I didn't know what to do or worried about what was going to happen.There is a real peace that comes when we leave it in his hands and know he is on our side.

cheribear said...

I love these, thank you! I just made a princess page for my daughter's birthday, and I think its going to need to be a 2-page LO because I *have* to include that crown somehow.

dmook said...

Pretty!!!! Thanks. I'm with you as far as the kids and school, but I can understand your hubby, too. My DH and I don't have kids and that is one of the reasons - we see public school the way that is is now, and we don't want to have to deal with it. However, private school keeps them somewhat sheltered and you want them to have street smarts. Maybe private through mid high school, then public school? I don't know the answer. God does, and he'll guide you. You are certainly not the first to go through this. Hang in there!

Love ya,


JoAnn said...

OooO! I love the bling! :) Thank you Stephanie!

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