Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Today's freebie will be ...

"All My Clothes Is Camo" inspired by the lovely Josie of Iron Orchid Designs.
Be sure to check back later for the links and of course my witty, hilarious post. Oh wait, I guess it will be me writing not Dave Barry. Sorry.


Boni said...

Ok where are you ? its the 28th and I missed the lol fix ! Hope you are ok

Alien said...

Oh, I LOVE this kit! My husband is a big hunter, so my daughters both love to wear camo stuff. Unfortunately, I couldn't find much camo scrapping stuff that I actually liked... until NOW! WAHOO!

Can't wait to get my hands on it. :)


Anonymous said...

This is perfect for the pictures of my two VERY feminine granddaughters for whom I bought camo pants. My daughter is less than thrilled but I think they look darling. Thanks so much! cg

Anonymous said...

This is great, thank you so much for sharing your hard work

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