Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lying lips sink ships

Well today Max pulled one over on me.
He said he was sick, so I decided to let him stay home.
So while Danny and I bustled around, packing lunch and eating breakfast, Max, 7, was plotting his next video game strategy.
I had planned to get together with my mom and go to Panera Bread, so I told Max to call and tell her that plans had changed, he did and sounded very cheerful and of course, not sick.
"Are you really sick, Max?" I asked, my eyes searching his.
"Mom, feel my head, don't I feel pale?" was his reponse.
So, because he felt so "pale" I decided that maybe he really was ill.
His brother of cource freaked out.
"No fair, I want to be sick, too! Feel my head."
I didn't feel Danny's head, I just blew my stack.
"All right, I don't want to hear anymore about this! Daniel, you just get your coat on this instant!" I had my best car alaram "mom voice."
Then a small voice behind me said "Mom, I'm gonna go to school."
Of course it was 7:50 a.m. when Max decided that he could no longer be dishonest with me. And he took 20 minutes to change out of his play clothes back into his uniform.
"Max why did you change your mind?" I said as we were driving away.
"Mom, lying lips are an abomination to the Lord."
Ah, Christian private school money well spent.

Anyway, here's your freebie, it's called "All My Clothes Is Camo." Based on Josie's of Iron Orchid Designs, see right (isn't that stuff cool?), post on DST under pet peeves. What she said made me LOL and I thought her comment was the perfect name for my kit.

16 comments: said...

LOL... that is way too funny... well not but yes.. funny... hehe.. I remember the days.. I loved that he fessed up tho.

Have a great day and thank you for the cool freebie.


Natalie said...

LOL! I saw her comment on that thread, so when I saw your freebie pic and read your post, I really did laugh out loud. And while it wouldn't technically be accurate that all of my son's clothes are camo, sometimes it seems that way. Thanks for the great papers; very kind of you to share!

Rebecca said...

Wow, that is some school you got him going to! I went to Catholic school and all I got out of it was a complex! Lol. Love your writing and love that freebie just as much. Thanks for the laugh and the freebie! :D

RiordM said...

I was referred here by a good friend and I love the camo kit!!! Way too awesome and will so work for the photos I took. Thank you for your generosity. You are too kind!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thanks for the great freebie:-) Oh..and the story about your son.Way Cool:)Isn't that what they say these days?LOL

Anonymous said...

you are a funny girl, love your blog and LOVE the freebies...Awesome stuff. Thanks

JoAnn said...

LOL! I love that! Kids says the funniest things! :) Thank you for the Camo Freebies! Very Cute!

Lilly said...

Gotta loves those kids!!! And the camo papers are way cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the camo and another fun entry!

lesliereid said...

Checking your blog every day now. Thanks for the laughs and great freebies.

fran b said...

i just love your kits and stories!Happy to hear you are getting your moneys worth....private schools aren't cheap.

sharitas said...

Steph you are a laugh :)

Think I'd better send my kids to that school!

Ta for the Camo Kit

XX Sharon

Stephanie said...

aww, what a sweet boy to remember that! That's sooo awesome!
We have our son in a private christian school too, isn't it wonderful!??
Love your latest creation as well!

dmook said...

Bless his little heart. You're doin' good, Mom!

Love ya,


Paula said...

I haven't visited your blog for the past few days and I did some reading to catch up. I'm loving all the talk about the 80's and 90's. Makes me feel young again. Sometimes, I, too, still feel like a teenager and then I remember I have kids of my own and I'm supposed to be a grown up. The Tampax story really made my laugh though! Never expected that on a blog! Thanks for the beautiful freebies. That's great about making it to the second round at Srap Artist! Congratulations! That's no small accomplishment as there were soooooo many talented entries! I'll bet you are stoked! Anyway, have a great weekend!

Dean said...

Great story about your son - love to hear how seeds planted at an early age take root.

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