Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Summer days drifting away ...

Man, I'm so out of the loop after being on vacation. I can't seem to get back to normal. Like I ever was anyway.
I can't seem to finish the kit I'm working on either. I keep getting sidetracked and think about cool things I'd like to create ...
Enough about that.
My kids go back to school soon and it's bittersweet for me because I have loved spending the time with them this summer, but they drive me absolutely insane. Really.
Every day is pretty much the same, they all become one big stress-inducing day after a while.
The boys get up, the nudge me and ask if they can play computer.
I mumble "yes, whatever .... " with my head embedded in the pillow.
Three hours later I get up, there's a trail of bread crumbs and milk splatters from the kitchen to the computer room, and the door to the computer room is shut, I'm terrified to open it, so I don't until after I've had my morning coffee. Then I decide to brave it.
What I see is a shock to my retinas.
The boys have managed to get crumbs and food not only on the computer desk, but on the floor, on the dog, inside their underwear, which is all they are wearing by the way because they never bothered to get dressed.
I tell them to clean up the mess and get off of the computer, which is met with a bunch of "but moms."
They do a sweep of the room and gather the damages.
I'm usually in the doorway with my arms folded.
Then I tell them to get dressed and go outside and take the dog with them.
They are usually in the back yard for a total of five minutes before finding some wild excuse to come in.
"Uh mom, I saw a green two-headed snake in the back yard, so I'm coming in," says the disheveled sandy-haired boy, who is trailed by his little brother, who as usual has chocolate milk stains on his upper lip.
"OK," I say while glancing over the paper, usually looking for either a job or a cool bargain in the classifieds.
Then it's lunch time. Yes, I know that went by fast, but when you get up at 10 a.m. ...
Anyway, I fix the same thing everyday: Ham and cheese for 7-year-old Max and bologna for 5-year-old Danny.
Danny typically eats two bites of his sandwich and devours the chips I give him.
Max is the opposite, eating all of his sandwich and letting the dog have the chips.
The rest of the afternoon is usually a blur because I'm trying to clean, but have to re-clean because the boys follow me all through the house bringing their toys and other boy-type things with them, only to let them drop in whatever room we are all in.
While all of this is happening, I'm asked about 100 questions.
"Mom, can we build something in the garage? I found the hammer!"
"Mom, can we go swimming today?" (the pools are closed)
"Mom, where are the scissors?" they ask this while they are holding one of their shirts in one hand and the cat in the other.
"Mom, I have a stain in my pants, where's some underwear?" usually one of them says this and I turn around to see his shorts and underpants down around his ankles.
By the time I fix dinner and bathtime is through, they want to watch a movie and have popcorn. Always.
Then I read the Bible to them and put them to bed. No, I'm not that good of a mom, I have had the urge many times to forget the reading and just say goodnight, but they won't have any of that, they insist on their Bible reading, which they goof off all the way through, making me yell the scripture like some insane preacher.
So there you have it, my summer days in a nutshell.
Did I say I was going to miss those kids?

Here's your freebie, it's some Christian jewelry and word art, which of course is pictured above!
Here's the LuckyBug link too. Although at this writing the freebie isn't there yet.


Hilmarose said...

Love the Christian jewlery... not sure how I am gonna use it yet but I have just downloaed it and wanted to say "thank you"... don't see much of this yet!

pbrooks said...

Thank you for the lovely freebies! I enjoyed reading your blog. The picture of your sons is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Christian jewelry.I love it! When I saw it..I turned to my hubby and said.."Hey look at this...isn't this cool?" :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the jewelry. It is so pretty. I love hearing about your days.

I am also a SAHM with 3 kids so I relate really well to the "love your kids" "can't wait until they are in school" feelings. I am really sick of Barney.

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous jewelry, it will be perfect for some First Communion pages I've been meaning to scrap. Thanks! :D

DigiBrandi said...

I don't see much Christian oriented stuff out there so this is very appreciated. I'm sorry the boys drive you nuts - my ONE daughter does the same thing, and I miss her while she's at preschool yet I desperately need the break. :)

dmook said...

Hey Girl! Thanks for the jewelry. I have wanted to scrap my own baptism page, and now I have the perfect accessories. You ROCK.


Charlotte said...

Thanks for your great freebies. I was ROFL at your summer day description. That is exactly how my summer has been! Boys playing on the computer all morning in their underwear! Except usually when I roll out of bed, mine haven't even bothered to eat!

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