Tuesday, September 26, 2006

First at 34

DISCLAIMER: Girl talk in this post.

OK, I'm laughing today because I saw the post on DST about the girl who got her nose pierced. I thought it looked way cool, don't get my wrong, I'm not laughing at her, I'm amused because I got my ears pierced in the fourth grade and stopped wearing them shortly thereafter because they really hurt!

In my fourth grade school picture it is clearly visable that the cutest little gold disks are implanted in my ears, but I think that's the only time I ever had them in, seriously I just took them out and let my ears close up.

In 1994 I toyed with pierced ears again, and to my delight, the holes still worked! Of course the initial placement of the earrings wasn't fun. Then I enjoyed earrings again, I had big hoop peace signs and thought I was the coolest. Then it happened again. The pain. The infection. My already huge ears getting bigger and redder.

So I once again shelved the earrings.

Then last year when I was selling Mary Kay I won some earrings so of course I had to show them off at the unit meetings (those of you who sell know what I'm talkin' about). But the ear accountrements, along with my makeup career were short-lived. Must have been the dancing I had to do. Until now. Now I wear earrings everyday and my pain has not returned. Odd. My ears must have decided that it was OK to finally be adorned. So at 34, I feel like an excited fourth-grader again wearing little pretties. I feel like passing notes to my friends about it!! I feel like writing about it on the bathroom wall!

Another first for me this year (ready?) is the wearing of well, I hate to say it on a family blog, so I'll just post a pic. See them? Amazing right? Even more amazing is that a picture actually posted on my freaking blog. This pic probably strikes fear in the hearts of men everywhere. Avert your eyes Bill! So anyway, I never wore them. My friends did. But I just couldn't bring myself to give it a go until now. I guess I enjoyed feeling like a penguin.

But I must say I like them a lot. I am no longer wearing an adult diaper.

I don't know why I felt compelled to share that, I guess I thought you would get a kick out of it. So, I'm just a 12-year-old mentally. Hey! The 80s were rough for me! I better dispense (no pun intended) your freebie before I tell you some more uber personal stuff about me.

So I'm all up in it now with my new hoops and my tampax. Oops, said it. Anyway, next I'll probably get a pink phone for my bedroom and a poster of Fergie. Sahweet. The singer, not the duchess. I learned that the hard way.

Anyway here's your freebie, it's called "My Burnt Apple Pie" ENJOY my brothers and sisters (said in WKRP's Venus Flytrap voice). I hope you likee because I turned 50 years old waiting for sendspace to get my file ready. Sheesh. A watched sendspace never boils, I guess. But never fear, shortly it will be available on LUCKYBUG!




dmook said...

OMG! I'm ROFL.....Your humor made my day!

Sendspace is pokey, so I'm waiting for ladybug. Thanks in advance for the freebie :-)



dmook said...

OMG! I'm ROFL. Thanks for making my day with your humor.

Sendspace is pokey, so I'll wait for ladybug. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for fab kit x Adee

Boni said...

Promise you wont quit with your stories ! i have ment many women who went through these same things and just wouldnt tell anyone ! Im telling you girl you are every womans voice !!!!!
You are totally wonderful !
ROFLMAO I dont even come for the freebies anymore Although they ared wonderful , I just ove your and your stories
I m gonna take a nap while this downloads Im alredy 58 If it ages you like you say then I need a nap cause Ill be dead if I sit here and wait !

Boni said...

They are wonderful and i just love you and your stories
Typo corrections

Anonymous said...

You are too cute! I could relate to today's story as I never tried using tampons (sorry men) until I was in my mid-twenties. And boy did it feel liberating!!!

Dean said...

Too funny!! And thanks for the freebie!

KimberlyP said...

You are hysterical! Thanks for the cool freebie but even more for the laugh!!

Gret said...

Stephanie, you crack me up! Thanks for the laugh and the wonderful freebie. :)

MaisieD said...

I just found your blog! You make some stunning papers! I love them!
Thank you so much!

sharitas said...

You crack me up Stephanie!!
Luv your work too :)

XX Sharon

carmel said...

you are just way tooooooo funny! thanks for the laugh...as for the freebie, i will wait for when it's at luckybug...thanks, Stephanie! as usual, it's gorgeous!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thanks for the wonderful freebie:) I love your stories:) You do make us laugh.Thanks for sharing with us...not only the freebies but your sense of humor:)

Scrapcat4914 said...

Frist I went to Thank You for all your beautiful work that I got at Luckybug and now I've read your blog and loved reading it bought a big smile to my face!
Thank You again!

Dawn said...

LOL - coming to your site makes my day! I love your sense of humor more than I love your beautiful freebies! Thank you!!

Lucy said...

Beauuuuutiful, I love the colors we are planning to take pics in the pumkin patch this weekend and I know just how to use this kit. Thank you! From Canada.

fran b said...

ROFL!!love your latest!tfs!!!
i just read you made it to round 2 at SA(i new you would)BIG CONGRATS....and good luck.
cant wait to see your next entry.

Anonymous said...

Love the titles of your freebies and you are too funny.

Congratulations on being a finalist in the ScrapArtist Challenge!

Boni said...

Come on Diva !!!!Here you are in the second round of Scrap artist Yoohooo!!!!
By the way how many rounds are there?
Im so excited for you

Janis said...


My name is Janis and I live in Kansas. Want to thank you for sharing your talent and let you know that you gave me a belly laugh today.


Anonymous said...

beautiful freebie as always! Thank you so much!

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