Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cold, tired and hungry

Well today was a very long day.
We went to the air show, it was bitterly cold. I was so glad I brought a blanket with me. I wrapped it around me the entire time, the hood on my sweatshirt was pulled way down. So if you saw me from far off, you might think I was Obe Wan Kenobi.
Obe Wan lugging around three chairs and a video camera.
We searched for what seemed like years to find a place to rest.
We finally did and my husband asked me to hold down the fort while he and boys went to spend $50 on something to drink.
So I was alone, huddled in the blanket, arms folded, head down, oblivious to what was going on around me, except for the sound of planes taking off of course. I was cold, tired and hungry. Not a good combo.
I also could see my breath.
I was thinking about all these things when I got the urge to go potty. The potties were close by, so I knew no one would make off with the chairs and I took the camera with me.
Once in the bathroom I found out that the porta-potties, although foul smelling, are quite warm and toasty.
If I had a radio in there I would have had it made. I could have stayed in there forever - but I kept having this nagging thought that spending a lot of time in a porta potty was extremely disgusting, not to mention weird.
Speaking of digusting, Danny, 5, threw up twice today, once on the way to the air show and another on the way back home. Both times in the truck. We had to stop at gas stations both times to do clean up and damage control.
During the clean-up phase, Danny pranced around and asked for sweets as if nothing happened. His dad and I were up to our elbows in human waste, trying in vain to make everything spotless with our little Clorox wipes.
After we got home, I was unable to function for about an hour. My hands were still numb from and my stomach was weak for obvious reasons.
I laid on the bed while my husband popped in video we had taken. That's the real way to watch the air show, in the comfort of your own bedroom.
Watching it like that made me appreciate how good the show was. The Blue Angels were spectacular as always.
So I guess I can sum up my day like this: Don't go anywhere. Ever.

Here's your freebie. It's called "Mine Is The Sunlight." Enjoy!


hs said...

HOpe you've warmed up by now... Thanks for the little gift - it has a nice warm feel to it!

debra said...

you poor thing... yuck, what a nasty day outside in the cold with a sick munchkin... Hope tomorrow is better :)

SteinwaysMom said...

Yuk. I take it the comment about spending $50 for something to dring was a typo - that would have sent me through the roof for sure!

Boni said...

ROFLMAO You are a riot Im telling you you should write a book !
Thanks for the great freebies and the wonderful tale I needed that
I was thinking know that Erma Bombeck is gone we could use a good woman humorist That thinks every everyday thing is goofy
Just a thought Girl
Hugs and warmth to ya

Rebecca said...

Oh man! The cold, wet and yucky weather I might have been able to deal with but the throwing up would have become a problem big time! My poor hubby would have been having to take care of two messes. You literally had me laughing with the porta john though... I could see how it would be hard to leave ... and to stay... lol. Glad you got to enjoy the show though... even if it was from the comfort of your own home. Thanks so much for the beautiful gift. :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all of your freebies! They are beautiful and you are so generous!

JoAnn said...

OMG Stephanie!! :) That sounds like a terrible day! You know it's bad when you think it would be a good idea to hang out in the potty! LOL! Thank you for the awesome freebie! I love the bling!

Patti said...

I hate being cold.... that's why I leave in the desert(Phnx AZ)

I love it when it's 115

thnx for the gift

Anonymous said...

Thanks...hope you're warm by now!

DigiBrandi said...

It seems like everything you create, I love! Those jeweled clefs are gorgeous. Sorry you had a rotten day... I hope tomorrow is better, and warmer!

mgc said...

You poor thing, I can relate I had the same day several years ago, only instead of the freezing cold, mine was 100 in the shade! Thanks for sharing this lovely freebie!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness- I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Your descriptive writing has got me cracking up though LOL! These are the memories that make for great scrapbooking! ;)

Laurie G

Annette said...

Thanky ou for the wonderful musical freebie!

Anonymous said...

Great musical elements! Love your work...just keeps getting better!


Anonymous said...

Tyfs...hope you are warm rested and full today :-)

CheleOh said...

Hey, Stephanie. I hope you're warmed up by now. Thanks for the goodies!

I wanted you to know that I used your *Christian Jewelry* on a layout for DigiDare #3! :-)

Chele :)

lesliereid said...

As bad as it was, it made a great read. Love your sense of humor and writing.

Pillowgirl said...

If freebies like this one are the result of a bad day, I am grateful you have a bad day now and then... all jokes aside, this is beautiful, as are all of your works. Thank you for sharing your talent.

fran b said...

the air show probably would have been fun if in weren't for the cold. i hate cold....but...i hate porta pots too...rather pee my pants then use one.
thanks for your it as always!!!

Dean said...

So sorry you had a rough day! I can soo relate. Both of my kids are pukers without warning too. Your freebie is greeat - thanks

hannah said...

beautiful papers! thanks.

dmook said...

Gorgeous papers Stephanie. Thanks for sharing.


karin said...

I love the papers that you have been designing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

WOW thanks for the freebie. Hope you are feeling warm soon!!

Anonymous said...

A really nice design, I love it

Anonymous said...

wowowie! You really are a very talented designer!Super generous too! A milliom thnaks for the great freebies! muah! God bless!

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