Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yahoo groups: Huh?

Yeah, that's my question, huh?
Yahoo groups just confuse me, plain and simple.
Not only is my inbox filled with cryptic messages like "Springtime LO," but I don't know whom I'm responding to. Does it go to everyone or just the person whose message I'm reading?
Will everyone know about my dirty laundry? Or worse yet, read my posts??
I don't know. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
And everything begins with Re:
Alright who is this Re character and why does everyone thinks she's all that? Huh?
Anyway, you can imagine my horror when I opened my e-mail and saw that there was *gasp* 250 e-mails there. In just two short days, as opposed to two long days.
Yahoo groups seem like Masonic Temple meetings. I don't know what goes on there and I'm afraid. I don't think they are anything like that Tom Cruise flick but I can't be too sure.
I'm very afraid.
I feel like I'm on the outside looking in, with nothing to post.
Like some kind of cyperspace peeping Tom (not Cruise).
So I guess the long and short of it is that if I'm on your yahoo group, I'm not snobby, I just have no clue what the H is going on!

Guess what? Oh c'mon say "what?"
Well, I got an external hard drive today. I never thought I would type those words. It's so exciting. Now I'm moving over months of material and my computer is not freaking for once giving me ye olde "low on memory" message.
We also got a new modem. Maybe my hubbo is finally coming around to this scrapbook "thing."

This morning I went to the grocery store to pick up some pop, 409 Oxy Magic (I love that stuff, best cleaner EVER!), and some dishsoap. Well I walking around, looking at magazines and nail polish. I didn't get a cart because I didn't think I would need one, but I also grabbed a COLD bottle of pop on my way to the checkout line.
I was reading about Mel's meltdown and poor Katie being locked in Tom's closet when I realized that my dishsoap had gone awry.
I felt a droplet on my toe, when I looked at my clothes, the front of my shorts were covered with mucky orange stuff.
The lid had popped open while I was standing there catching up with empty-headed celebs, looking at mags I never intended to buy.
I felt like a fool. The manager tried to help me clean up, but it was no use. So I did what I always do in those situations, I laughed at myself.
"Man, that crazy exploding dishsoap!" I told the manager. I didn't realize that at the time that I sounded like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
"Hey like dig that crazy dishsoap man!!!"
Anyway, I went to the car, carefully covering up the dishsoap stain with my bag of items.
It was cucumber melon at least, so if I ran into anyone, they might think I was wearing a new fragrance.

HERE IS YOUR FREEBIE!! http://www.sendspace.com/file/vqu7xx
I know you are saying, "about time lady!"
Have fun with this and leave me some love!!!!!!! By the way, my kit is in the store now. Go buy it. Just kidding. No I'm not. BUYMEPLEASEILOVEYOU!!!!!


Keitha said...

Thanks so much for another part of this kit!

suavejett said...

Your blog can brighten anyone's day :-) Thank you so much.

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the newest link!

Lisa said...

You are just the greatest blogger EVER! I laugh so hard at your questions (and your answers!!!) Thanks so much for the fun "stuff"!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Stephanie, I love your stuff! Thank you so much for taking the time to put the freebies up for us.

However ... did you know that the Sendspace site that you use advertises porn? I know you have absolutely no control over that, but is there a better way to provide the download for us? It's really offensive.

Thanks for listening!

plp said...

Oh man, I hope I never have anywhere near the embarrassing moment like you had today. lol

Thank you Stephanie for the new freebie to your kit.

Suzi said...

Thank you for the funny story AND the newest link. You made my night ;)
(p.s. I LOVE your work)

kat said...

Thank you so much for sharing your freebies. Love to read your blog!

DD said...

Thanks so much - your freebies are so cute and your blog entries are so funny!

marietta99 said...

Did you happen to notice that the wackiest thing seem to happen to you? LOL Thanks so much for the laughs and the freebies.

Stephanie said...

Thanks gals!! Regarding sendspace, I used to do yousendit, but people complained about that also. I don't know of any other way to give this stuff to you guys. Any ideas out there? I don't advocate porn either. In fact, I'm probably the strongest anti-porn person you will meet. I detest it! So please, give me ideas or tell me some blog secrets!!!

Debby said...

Scooby Dooby Dooo.......
Thank you for sharing with us all!

hzgrace said...

Thank you for the downloads, But thank you even more for being you!
Blessings on your day

candicolette said...

I love Confections of Courtney. Thanks so much for being so generous.

Stephanie said...

Gosh I feel so much love! Thanks ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your entries. :) Thanks for the freebie.

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