Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As Seen On TV

Alright, now that I have TV I'm going nuts.
I see products advertised on there that I must have.
Products I would not have known about, had it not been for television.
But now I'm $35 in the hole because I went to Walgreens and found said products.
First off, Olay Touch Of Sun. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds totally cool. It's a moisturizer and sunless tanner combined. Is this heaven? No it's Iowa and I found it at Walgreens. Sweet.
Our next product is Easy Off BAM. When I saw the name Easy Off, I immediately thought of the '70s commerical jingle "Easy Off makes oven cleaning easier." So I thought it was an oven cleaner. Then they demonstrated the product on a shower door. I was amazed.
I'm one of those scary gullible people who believes everything she sees on TV.
See now why I thought it was best that we didn't have the lighted box?
But you know what? Easy Off BAM actually lived up to my expectations. My shower is cruddy. I know, it's embarrassing to admit it. Is there some kind of 12-step program for that?
Anyway, it's got more lime in it than a daquiri.
But Easy Off BAM totally did the trick, and now my shower stall is shining and pretty. And here's the bonus, I didn't have to scrub. Hardly at all. And that's good because I'm lazy and hate to put much effort in cleaning. Seems like a waste of time to me.
Man these people should pay me, the Easy Off group I mean, I'm a total commercial for them.
But finding cleaner that will actually do the work for me has become a bit of a hobby for me.
I'm a cleaner connoisseur, if you will.
No, I don't eat it.
In other television news, 7-year-old Max has become an avid Judge Judy fan. He was glued to the tube yesterday as the tough but fair lady handed down verdict after verdict.
"Mom, is there more?" he asked when it was over.
"No Max, tomorrow," I said.
"But it just said 'Next on Judge Judy ... '" he did his announcer immitation.
"Nope," I said.
He looked crushed.
Later when he was riding his bike outside, I heard him say to his brother, "My cheeeldren," in his best Judge Judy voice.
We're becoming addicted. Help us!
Tune in tomorrow when I talk about a show I discovered today that I could easily become addicted to called "Starting Over."

So here's your freebie, yo. I'm gonna to use sendspace for now until I figure something else out. Sorry. I hate porn with everything that's in me, but I know of no other way to get these to you right now. This world is just sick, if you haven't noticed. :(


mgc said...

Thanks for the freebie!

Heather said...

thank you for sharing this w/ us. That is so funny, cause I love Judge Judy!

Anonymous said...

I just bought some Easy Off (before reading your post). I gotta say that whole oven cleaner line of thinking went through my head, too. Glad to know it works, cuz my shower needs help. I plan to spray it on now, and come back to it tonight. Lazy and busy....bad combination!!

stacy said...

Hey, Stephanie, sorry if I imposed guilt on you because of the SendSpace porn thing. I guess I wasn't thinking it isn't necessarily that simple to just change sites. Mostly it was just a heads-up.

LOVE your blog, BTW, and your freebie-stuff (well, your other digi-scrapping stuff, too). Thanks so much for spending so much time making a whole bunch of strangers happy!!

JoAnn said...

You're so funny! :) I may need to try BAM myself! Thank you again for the freebie! That shaker box is so cute!

Lisa said...

LOL You and my 6 yo gd! She's just gotten to the point where she is so serious and wants every product they advertise! She believes every bit of it! LOL LOL Thanks for the laugh!

Dean said...

Thanks for the freebie and I Loooove that song you have playing. It is so wonderful - please keep picking the great Christian songs to play on your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, my shower could use some work too. Thanks for the recommendation and the freebie!

Keitha said...

Thanks so much for the new freebies.

Stephanie said...

Stacy, no prob. I do hate porn with all of my being and I hate the way it's thrown about on the Internet.

Jan said...

Your blog entries make me smile! And, of course, it's always nice to get a freebie, or two, or three ~smile~ Thank you.

Regarding other options of sharing your files, you might want to check out some on this list . I know that a few other bloggers have been using sites such as and and , as well as .

Anonymous said...

Well, the BAM! worked like a charm. I want to marry it, but it would be odd to go to jail for marrying both a man and a product. So, we'll live common-law for the time being. Oh is a good alternative,too.

Ciao, bella!

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