Friday, July 14, 2006

Working hard to get my fill

Well not really. I don't work that hard. I just do what I've always done which is design a paper, edit news stories and put the pages all together. Pretty simple really.
The hard part is writing, and here I am, trying to get my groove back after being turned down by a certain Christian mag that shall remain nameless.
Rejection letters are always fun. Sometimes they forget to put your name in so it says "Applicant, your work is wonderful and fresh, but we can not publish you at this time ... "
Kind of like those sample checks at the bank that say "NAME: specimen."
It doesn't matter, I've always been a writer and my boys have always been great subjects. In fact today Max was embracing his usual love for the drama (pronounced DRAMMMA). He wanted to spend the night with his grams but his dad and I decided against it.
He went to his room to pout and cover up with a blanket, we checked on him and his said tearfully, "I can imagine all the rooms in grams' house in my mind, I need to film them."
He was so despondent that to make him laugh, Danny and I did a little routine in which I put shades and Danny's bottom and we pretended he was guy from Star Wars. You know, the one in the Cantina who threatened Luke? He looked like his had a butt on his face. (See photo, it's not of the butt man, but it's that scene, couldn't find one of the butt man, I just hope there's people out there who are totally geeking out about Star Wars like I am).
Anyway, I even did the whole "He doesn't like you, I don't like you either, you just watch yourself, we're wanted men, I have the death sentence on 12 systems ... " Danny just stood there, unobtrusive with his bottom. Max didn't even crack a smile, no pun intended, well maybe it was intended a little.
So if I can't write, at least I can act. And scrap of course.
And there is something I know for a fact I have a talent for that will never be rejected. Ribbons - OH YES - check it! My handy work is posted down there. It will also be part of my new kit that I'm finishing up for my lovely site 2BScrapped. I said 2BScrapped. Did you get that? It's 2BScrapped.
I'm also going to give you a freebie at the end of this post. I know you will love it!!
Well maybe you won't but PRETEND you do. And go to 2BScrapped. 2B or not 2B. No question there, luv.
I'll have your people call my people.
Anyway, I promised you some free stuff so here 'tis, it's a ribbon and the brad pictured over there ---->. There is also a mystery paper! I won't tell you what color it is , but it's purple. Get them while they last!!! N-JOY! (Ok that's enough exclamation points)
P.S. *whispers* Don't share this freebie with anyone, it's our little secret ...


FlauntYourFont said...

Thanks for the secret freebie :) Great ribbon!

Stephanie said...

You are welcome, thanks for stopping!

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