Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trying to shake it up, like the Cars

Well I'm trying to update my blog because I've got the fever to do so, but all the while Danny is bugging me about "doing something fun" together, even though we just got back from the library and the pet store. This morning I also helped them to "excavate" their dinosaurs from the bowls I froze them in yesterday. Well, I guess I didn't help too much, mostly I slept in the lawn chair while they did the dirty work.
Hey! I'm tired.
Anyways, They are sitting at my feet now, waiting not so patiently for me to get off of here so we can do something "fun." I must confess, I'm a little funned out.
And very hungry.
I need chocolate but there is none in the house.
I'll have to break open the tollhouse morsels.
But I'm not sure if they are past their prime.
Well forget about chocolate, moving on - I'm am working on a new kit for 2Bscrapped, where I'm a designer. I'm a brand new designer too, so if my work bites you know why.
No, BITE, not byte.
Here is the "shaker" I made (I had no idea what one of those was either, but knew I needed to learn to make one). You can see it above in all it's glory. The glass was really hard to make. Well, I guess it was more difficult to find a tutorial to make the glass.
When I do Internet searches for such things, the weirdest things turn up from the dark recesses of the Information Super Highway. Is it still called that? Guess I better get outta the '90s.
I wish I could be funnier right now, but cha know, it's just not possible when my blood sugar is low.
Max and Danny are funny though, they made viking masks this morning out of printer paper to emmulate their favorite video, formerlly on, the viking kittens.
You know, the one with the Led Zeppelin song?
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we come from the land of ice and snow ....
Anyway, so Danny just walked up to me with this makeshift mask on his face and says "Do I look stupid?"
I didn't even answer.
Well, it's time to remedy the blood sugar problemo by doing what I did yesterday, eating an entire bag of Nuggets, toffee and almond.
See ya!
Here's a cool vid for ya:

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