Thursday, May 25, 2006

Centipede, ya know, like the game ...

That's what scuttled across my desk yesterday after I made the mistake of moving the printer. I was extremely freaked out and jumped up on the swivel chair, of course I fell and landed near where the house centipede had dropped off. Those are fast little things. I guess I would be too if I had twenty billion legs. Usually they like basements, but this creepy crawlie must have traveled upstairs with me when I was moving stuff around for my garage sale.
Nice to know, huh? If you are coming to my garage sale, I do not have house centipedes, this is just a crazy made-up story to get laughs.
Anyway, I told the boys about my adventure with my kabillion-legged friend while getting them ready for school.
The oldest asked simple questions. How big was it? How fast was it? What color was it?
As big as my hand, faster than a speeding bullet, and brown, I think, but I don't know, it was just a blur.
The youngest got a serious look on his face. "They are fast. Fast like centipede on the game." He shook his head knowingly, his eyebrows knitted in an expression of contemplation.
Only I couldn't shoot this one and have it explode into little pieces. Well, I guess I could have.
So, my husband came in to kill the darn thing after hearing my distress cries. I was a complete wreck, in a daze, mumbling about the bug taking my shoes.
"It's OK, I found him," my husband said. "He's dead."
But I know there's more where he came from.
Hopefully they are not all under my printer. I guess that is a valuable lesson I learned, don't move or clean anything.


ArtcMom said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!!!! Come to think of it my driveway looks a bit like Frogger!LOL!

Dawn's Digital Designs said...

I just came in to check on your progress....I see that you haven't posted something in a I am soo guilty of that too. I started a new blog for my designing stuff..and only have the entry post from starting it up...eek. Gotta get better at it myself. Great entry about the centipede...I had one crawl on my head once...totally wigged me out. DH said to me 'Don't move, there is something crawling on your head' ... you can guess what that lead jumping up and flicking my hair around to get it off my head...haha!

Deena said...

OK now that is the funniest thing ive read in awhile! Dont you know, you should never clean?? :) Lesson learned i suppose!

Stephanie said...

Crawling on your head, man oh man!!!

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