Monday, July 17, 2006

Getting hit on

Well I worked all day today and then went to Vacation Bible School at our church. That was a unique experience.
Typically other people's children give me the willies. But I actually loved the children I was paired up with. They liked me, too. I could tell.
They didn't "get" my humor though. Mostly they stared at me blankly when I cracked a joke. My kids are usually right there with me.
That's what I love about them, they "get" me and I "get" them.
Still, it was nice to spend time with other kids, too. One little boy in my group was absolutely adorable. He was 3.
"What's next?" he kept asking. Being pretty clueless myself, I kept telling him I didn't know.
Then there was the boy in our little gathering who took great pleasure in thunking me on the head.
If he was my child, his bottom would consider itself spanked, but since he was NOT my child, I had to sit on my hands, literally. It's not that I have an itchy spanking hand, it's just that's my typical reaction to being thunked on the head.
Luckily for me, though, Danny had my back.
"Hey!" he said to the offender, "did you just hit my mom?" I was amazed how much Danny looked like Dirty Harry, his brown eyes blazing. The kid shyed away and slowly put his hands in his pockets, stopped in mid-thunk. Danny was still giving him the stare down.
Later Danny said "well, he's 4 and I'm 5, so I'm a lot bigger than him."

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