Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die ...

Well it's been busy today and all I want to do is have some fun... by posting on this blog I mean! First the tree man knocks on the door to tell me of his progress. Let me rephrase that, he's not our tree man exclusively, like we're rich or something, he's actually a friend who's doing this favor for us. Well, he's being paid, but anyway, so I'm trying to post, he's ringing the doorbell, I had just woke up at 9:30 a.m.
I still had to take the dog out. My house is a mess because I wasn't home all day yesterday. My ear hurts.
Not to mention the tree dude and his buddy were speaking Spanish to each other. "Stop that," I said, "stop talking about me!" They just laughed and said something else. "Well be that way!" I said. More laughs ensured.
So far, not so good!
I'm also out of Diet Pepsi, which is never good by any stretch of the imagination. Danny refuses to get dressed, and when he does, he brings me a pair of sweats and demands that I turn them into cutoffs, which I do, only because I'm still thinking about this blog and only half-heartedly cutting.
Needless to say the shorts are kinda crooked, but no matter to a spirited 5-year-old.
He runs off happily with scissors in his hands. Saying something about turning all of his pants into cutoffs.
"Uh huh," I said, staring at my computer screen, trying to make some new elements and carry on a decent conversation with Miriam via Hello.
Anyway, then my hubby calls (he's a pilot so he's on a trip today) I didn't hear the phone and my oldest tells him that I've "been on the computer all day." So of course my hubbo gives me a whole buncha crap about it, asking if I plan to do anything with the kids.
I'm so misunderstood!!!!
Anyway, so here's your freebie and remember many men died to bring this to you. Look above for a preview of the little kit. It's some elements and cute papers for a kit I'm working on called "That Amy Thing" which is what 7-year-old Max calls Hello. He dubbed it that because he was trying to play Battlefront, when a little bar at the bottom of the screen infiltrated his game. It was Amy trying to contact me. "Mom! That Amy thing is up again!!!" He yelled. I just laughed and did what any arteest would do and drew inspiration from it. Anyway enough talking already, huh? Here's the freebie, it's spelled frebbie because I was in a hurry.

BTW, don't forget to leave some love here if you stopped, because I want YOU to want ME!!! *beginning of shameless plug* and check out the greatest scrapping site in the world 2BScrapped.com, look for me Stephanie Ogren and check out our other excellent designers, too. (plug over for now)


Bren said...

Love your frebbies, thank you

Stephanie said...

thanks so much bren!!!

Vicki said...

Cute goodies! Thanks so much.

Amy's Images said...

Hey Steph! Where the heck are ya? Sorry you had such a crazy day, but the freebie is looking great!


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