Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A new diet. I know.

Hi all! Today I am going to clean. This place is a horrible mess!!
So lately I've been trying this new "diet." It's a diet that consists of three tablespoons of coconut oil a day. I have been doing this in the form of smoothies. It's not bad! Now I'm becoming like a organic loving freak, because I checked that area of the grocery store today and picked up some organic chocolate chip cookies, too (Newman's Own). And you know what? They aren't half bad!
So anyway, the coconut oil is supposed to do something for your metabolism, althought what I haven't figured out yet. But don't eat it by itself, it's like eating lard. Yeech.
I heard about the wonders of coconut oil from the director at the boy's school. She said her BIL had lost 20 pounds just from his coconut oil consumption, that he hadn't really changed anything else. Sooooo, of course, since I'm a freak for dieting anyway, I decided why not? What do I have to lose, except for about 20 pounds of blubber.
Which reminds me, remember the Enquirer I said I read the other day??
Well in it there were pictures of Cher. She's put on 26 pounds. Oh no! Anyway, now she weighs a whopping 145 pounds. Do you know what the lead in the article said? "I've got you, blubber!" Now c'mon, I weigh more than 145 and I'm not even as tall as Cher. I must be a little toad.
I guess that serves as a good reminder of why I don't like to read mags. They make me horribly inadequate.
Well, I will keep you posted about the coconut plan, as I'm calling it, and let you know if I've gained or lost. We'll see ...


Welli Designs said...

h my...I have to go find myself some coconut oil...I can very well do with 20 pounds less...or even more...sigh...I'm not good at dieting .

Michelle -talonsmommy said...

I am going to get some dang coconut oil now! lol! ;)

Lena Brandenburg said...

Man, that's mean! I've got you, blubber? Wow, that sucks! Meanies!

Margie said...

Ok-I have never heard of coconut oil helping in the weight department-pretty interesting. Keep us updated on how it works. Is there only one kind of coconut oil? You've got me curious!!

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

Those mags are such bunk! (But I read them too -- shhhh!)

Elizabeth said...

just goes to show you how out of whack our society is when it comes to weight--goodness, 145 lbs qualifies you for a "blubber" comment?? what a crock!

good luck with the coconut oil!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Just dropping by to let you know I tagged you:))) details on my blog..Thanks!!


Britt(any) said...

coconut oil? REALLY?! As in....tanning oil? LOL, j/k.

I'm going to have to find some of that. Where do you find such a thing?

Penny said...

Why did you post about the coconut oil!? Now I HAVE to get some! (If it works for you!)

DigiBrandi said...

That sounds downright disgusting.
I haven't weighed 145 since I was 10... (wow, that sounds bad)
And I want to be on your list of blogs you read. ;)
- Signed, Brandi the BlogStalker

Betty Jo said...

We use coconut oil since reading really good reports about it last year. We are also adding more organic, as well as raw foods, to our diet this year. Thanks for your sweet comments. I see you are an editor. Where do you edit/work? I'm working on my first novel and will definitely need an editor one of these fine days. :0)

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