Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A weighty issue

Hey girls, don't leave me again! I'm going to post more, I'm kinda sick tonight. I found out yesterday that I now weight 157 pounds. Yuk. I haven't weighed that since I was pregnant, seriously. So I didn't eat much today, hence feeling like crap.
That's the way I diet. I don't eat.
Anyway, I want to get back down to 130 at least. It's so sad to gain so much. I really don't think I look much different, but I probably do to someone who hasn't seen me for a year. Anyway, I must stay away from the Halloween candy.
That is my mantra this week ... "must stay away from the Halloween candy ... "
Ugh. I hate dieting. Double ugh.
But, I cannot keep gaining weight or I will be 200 pounds by the time the year is out. I must be stopped!!!
Someone slap me!
I must use my powers for good and not evil!
Christmas is coming too! The horror. I love Christmas treats.
Anyway, pray for me and wish me luck.
If you look up there, you will see my newest addition to the store at Divine, it's called, if you can't read it, Distress Me Out and it's a paper pack. It has the distinction of being my first ever paper pack, isn't that just darn exciting???


fran b said...

i'm in AWE!!love your papers!
dont starve yourself...those diets never work. besides you dont have that much to lose. my dil lost 25lb with weight watchers. me, i just cut down portions by eating 1\2 of whatever.
find something that works for you and please dont starveyoursel!!!!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

I absolutely LOVE these papers.! You did a fantastic job on them.:)
I have no advice to give you on the weight problem..I have the same trouble.:-( I lost 60 lbs about five years ago.Then had to quit work and stay home because of a bad leg.So here I sit..almost all that weight back on me.Bummers.!But I can tell you is flat out determination that gets the job done.:)

Microferk Designs said...

These papers are GORGEOUS girl!

Stephanie said...

Thanks Ferkie!!

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