Sunday, October 22, 2006


OK, so it HAS been awhile since I've posted something on my wonderful blog. I've really missed you guys a lot! I have been so busy!!! I don't like being so busy as I'm basically lazy.
Anyway, a lot has been happening in my life.
If you look over there, you will see a preview of my newest kit at Divine Digital. Do you like it??? Please say yes.
I'm totally insecure, yo. Especially with all the amazing talent out there in digi land.
So, I dropped out of the ScrapArtist challenge. I just wasn't "feeling" it anymore. But I still love the site and maybe someday ...
(dramatic music and fade here)
But I really wanted to concentrate on DD. No, not Dungeons and Dragons, Divine Digital.
This weekend is All Diva's Eve and I have a challenge that I'm in charge of. Hee hee. It's a Scripture Challenge. As if I should be hosting that one. I've been a baaaaad girl. I didn't go to church today and right now I should be praying but I'm not. :(
But I did get some cleaning done, so that's cool.
My husband and kids are gone right now so I'm all alone, muhahaaaaha.
I can't do that laugh right.
So, I found out that both my kids are geniuses. I can't spell that. They don't get it from me.
Yes, tis true, a challenge center teacher that used to work exclusively with TAG kids told me this after talking with both my boys.
If they are such geniuses why can't they pee in the toilet? Hmmm.
I guess it's the old "geniuses have no common sense thing."
I was reading Gina Miller's blog (yes I'm jumping on ye olde bandwagon again) and she was talking about her Emily being super smart. It makes me wonder, what is with all these amazingly smart kids? Is it something we ate when we were pregnant? Is it Nutrasweet? Maybe a secret ingredient in Hershey candybars? It just seems as though kids are a whole lot smarter these days then children of my generation.
But that was the '70s.
When you have to watch things on TV made by Sid and Marty Croft, that would lower anyone's brain cells.
It's marijuana smoking by proxy, ya know?
Their shows were like one huge acid trip (not that I would know ... see my halo?)
Anyway that's enough for today. I'm outtie. I always wanted to say that :)

Hey, check out Divine Digital and buy my kit. Blatant enough for ya?
And here's a SAMPLE, cause I love ya! It's my ScrapArtist round 2 papers. I know a lot of people liked them, so they are all yours, I didn't change the preview either, everything is UNTOUCHED. LOL.
As always don't forget the Luckybug link coming later.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you back - love these papers!! Thanks for sharing them too!

mgc said...

Thank you for sharing your Scrapartist papers. They are wonderful.

Mary S said...

I've been wondering where you were! I was looking for your submissions at SA, and wondered why they weren't there. DOn't be so hard on yourself. Your work is wonderful! Thank you for the papers

LovelyMissKait said...

Thank you for sharing your ScrapARtist papers. They are beautiful. I also enjoy your sense of humor. Good luck at Divine Digital and don't be so hard on yourself.

donwilmom said...

Missed you. Very rich papers! Thanks for sharing.

Charlotf said...

Thank you the papers are great, thank you for sharing it with us ! Good luck !

Anonymous said...

These are very beautiful papers! love the texture! I was looking for your submission for the 3rd round on SA. I double checked Michelle's blog to see if you were n the list coz I wasn't seeing your submission. I didn't know you dropped out.:( I'd just like you to know that you are one very talented designer and I really love your work. All your designs can't be compared to other's work coz you've got your own style and originality. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! God Bless!

fran b said...

Thanks for more stuff!

fran b said...

Your new kit is awesome! my favorite is the red velvet dress kit.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see you're back. Yours is one my favorite blogs to read. Your entries are hilarious!! Thank you for sharing these papers!! I love the look of your new kit!


DigiBrandi said...

It's great to see a new post! I enjoy your blog, even without freebies. ;) I love your new kit - I'll have to put it on my wish list.

Jaime said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful papers!

KimberlyP said...

Thank you thank you! Love these papers and it's wonderful that you made them available for us!!

Jo said...

Thanks for the great papers - it was a fantastic entry. I'm so pleased that you shared them : )

Gret said...

So good to see you back, Stephanie. I enjoy reading about your life. You have such a great sense of humour!:) Love the papers, great textures! Thanks. :)
The new kit looks fantastic, like all your work!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Welcome back:-) Thanks for sharing with me..these are wonderful.:) I've always thought you did fantastic work.And a lot of other scrappers think so too.:)

simplyred said...

This is just gorgeous. I really love it. And I've definitely snagged it!

Lottiefla said...

Thanks bunches for the cool textures. I like 'em... you do great work -- need to work on that self confidence! Sure, there is a lot of talent out there in digi-land but you're right up there amongst them! Great job.

hzgrace said...

your kit is beautiful. Once again that God given genius is showing through. See your kids did get it from you :o) I will have to check out the scripture challenge I am sure all who participate will be blessed. Thank you for the textured papers I know I will enjoy using them

Beth said...

Gorgeous! I love your papers. Rich, rich, rich!
TFS. ;)

Jennie T. said...

Love the distressed much going's gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for the freebie!!

PS. Don't beat yourself up about the weight thing...I'm right there with you. Happy diet thoughts being sent your way!

manu79 said...

Amazing, you´re sharing your fabulous ScapArtist papers here?!? Thank you very much!!!! There great, I love both and don´t noch which one more!

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