Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm a beautiful princess - not

OK, I asked for everyone's blinkie at DST (in the designer conference room) and check it out over there, it's so awesome, and don't I look so dang popular? Oh yeah. That's what I wanted, to give the appearance as being like way hip and stuff.
Anyway, today I worked, worked, worked, hence posting so late, but lately I haven't posted at all, so it doesn't matter.
I wanted to go shopping for my Halloween costume today, but I didn't have time. There's a party tomorrow night that I'm invited to and I'm too large to wear any of my old ones. Just kidding, I'm not uber large, but still ...
Anyways, I saw this cute princess outfit at Target and wanted to jump on it. But it's like a kabillion dollars so I can't buy it until it's on the 80 percent-off rack, which of course is AFTER Halloween. So I guess I'll have to check out what's at Wal-Mart.
Anyway, it's actually a Halloween party for my kids, but adults can dress up, too. I'm just a kid at heart after all.
Speaking of large - well I wasn't but I did a couple of paragraphs back, I'm now eating really crummy non-food. I hate it. It's pure crap.
But I think I'm losing weight.
I just can't stand food with no flavor or fat. I love fat. Fat is good.
But, unfortunately fat is the last thing I need right now. Even though the princess outfit comes in a size 10. Go me!
So, I will probably go shopping tomorrow, either that or make a costume here, any ideas out there? Remember, I must be pretty, not gross or hideous.
I must be a pretty witch or a beautiful princess ... I don't like to be anything dead or whatever. Although one year I was thinking about dressing up as dead Carmela Soprano. Her character is technically still alive, but I thought it would be interesting and no one else would be dressed like that.
We used to have a Halloween costume contest at work. Every year I went all out. I never won a darn thing.
But one time I did win $50 for the best carved pumpkin! Fifty bucks! Whoo hoo.
I think I just spent it all on junk though. Which is pretty typical of me.
Too bad I don't have that money now, then I could buy that princess dress.

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I love your comments about losing weight. I'm not hugely fat either but as I'm approaching 40 (next July), I'd love to be rid of ALL the excess pounds. HAHA Fat chance! (No pun intended.)

I hope you find something for your Halloween party. I'm here in London and I'm not sure how many people would recognize Anne Robinson (the lady who hosts 'The Weakest Link'), but one year, I dressed up as her.

It was easy to do - black pants, black top and a long black jacket with black boots (with slightly high heels). DON'T forget the glasses though and if your hair isn't short like hers, just pull it back in a severe bun. If no one recognizes you dressing up as Anne Robinson, they might think you're dressing up as Lilith from 'Frasier.' LOL Just an idea!

Also, you should have saved your pumpkin carving prize money and spent it on your princess costume this year! LOL Have a great Halloween and thank you so much for all the freebies that you share with us!!!



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