Monday, August 14, 2006

Weeding it out, part deux

Our new fence was put up today.
Talk about excitement! We let the dog out and he ran himself ragged.
We were so excited about our beautiful new fenced-in yard that we made it, well, look more beautiful.
My husband mowed, I pulled weeds, we got the weedwhacker out too.
I know I've mentioned on here before how I despise weeds. They wind me up. I may have also mentioned that I hate pulling them just as bad, but it can become addictive, especially to an obsessive-compulsive like me.
But it's not just weeds that make my blood boil, everything green winds me up. I know, I know, it's God's world. But I just don't appreciate greenery, I never have.
I would just as soon hack it to bits.
Tonight, after my husband weed-whacked, I went to where he had just been and cut more of the weeds out with some big shears. I was going insane.
"&*&$@ FOLIAGE! I hate you, you are going down, don't mess with me!" I was mumbling and cutting. I felt like freaking Joan Crawford.
"Teeeeeeeeena, bring me the AX!"
Anyway, while I didn't tell 5-year-old Danny to bring an ax or anything, I did tell him to go get my gardening gloves, he couldn't find them but he did find some gloves for him, they were winter mittens.
I guess they are OK for yard work.
I had to located my own gloves, which I did. With the gloves, I was able to chop and pull even more. And I began to sink deeper into my own insanity.
Soon I was not only chopping weeds, but lilies and yucca plants (I hate those things). I was just still in the weed patch but eyeing the butterfly bush when my husband yelled that it was time to go inside.
He had to yell because I didn't hear him over my brush mutilation.
I was still mumbling "yeah, who's the man here, huh?"
I had also begun to sing "I seeee treeeees of greeeen ... red roses toooooo, I see em blooooom, for meeee and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful woooooooorld." I was still wildly wielding my shears. I had a malicious look on my face.
My husband had to drag me away.
"Where's the gasoline?" I asked, while he was tugging my arm.
"Why?" I could tell he was worried.
"Because I want to the torch the weed patch."
Needless to say that was definitely the end of our yard work for tonight. Maybe forever.

Sooo, here's your freebie, it's more elements, tomorrow I will put some ribbons in and then a couple more days of that and your Confections of Courtney kit will be done. Big kit huh? I'm not that ambitious anymore, needless to say. FREEBIE
I'm doing yousendit again cause sendspace had some really nasty porn advertisements tonight. Sick.


mgc said...

Thanks again for sharing!

Tedibear220 said...

Thanks so much!!! i am embarrassed that I have not say that before!!
It gets tio where I can't wait to see your next download. I just love your work!!

Jamie said...

Hello. New to your site =) I downloaded the freebie from the last post but this one wasn't available. I haven't had a peek so no idea what it is... we'll see. =) hehe Thank You.

dmook said...

Wow, it's 9:16 EST and the downloads have already maxed? What a bummer! Could you repost?

Anonymous said...

Sorry not to get it already gone. Would love if you can repost. Have you tried 4shared? TSIMS is using it and it works great. Don't know about those things tho, just a suggestion.


JDY said...

Thanks for the entertaining post!!

I hope you do repost the freebie I am enjoying this kit. TY!

Stephanie said...

Alright, I'll repost! Look for it!!!

plp said...

Thank you for the new freebie.

Stephanie you can come to my house. Our backyard is nothing bu weeds in all their glory. They have got to be over 2 feet high. I'll even pay for the gasoline. lol

Stephanie said...

Sure, name the time and place, and bring the blow torch.

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