Sunday, August 13, 2006

Drive by fueling

It was a typical morning. Max, 7, was once again pontificating about the Japanese and their attack on Pearl Harbor, (yes, you read that right) Danny, 5, was drinking the left over milk from his Cocoa Puffs, slurping and gulping with glee.
I was headed to my part-time gig 45 minutes away.
I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out the door, my sleepy-eyed husband waved bye.
The dog tried to come with me as always.
I jumped in the car and was gone.
I went to the gas station on the corner just like I always did.
I filled the car up and decided to go inside to pay so I could get a couple of sodas and a cappuccino. Just like I always did.
The clerk was a happy sort, and she had waited on me before. We began chatting about the drive and heat. I handed her my money.
I told her goodbye and she said thanks.
I hopped back in the car, oblivious to what had just transpired.
I drove all the way to work, and back again, and lived out my life until the next time I had to go to work, and had to get gas, then they laid it on me.
I had driven off three days prior without paying for my fuel.
I was shocked, I had never been a "drive off" before. Now in addition to my red light running thing, I also had gas theft to add to the list. Next thing you know, it will be grand theft auto.
"We didn't call the cops or anything," the clerk assured me.
What a relief. I'm to young to be a convicted felon after all.
She also told me that her coworker tried to follow me that fateful day and found a car a lot like mine at some apartment houses up the way. Thinking quickly, he left a note on the car saying that the driver had yet to pay for some gas.
Of course the car wasn't mine, I was blissfully unaware and driving to work at that point.
The clerk went on to say that the woman whose car it really was came into the store later crying, saying she had never driven off without paying for fuel. You picking up what I'm laying down so far? Good.
While all this was happening, I was hitting other convenience stores, buying pops and still blissfully ignorant. And I still didn't know about the gas either.
Upon hearing of my sin three days later, I immediately wanted to set the wrong right. I got out my card and paid for that day's gas, plus the drive-off gas. A whopping total of "cha-ching" $55.
My husband questioned the large gas bill, since my mode of transportation is about the size of Matchbox car, I told him what happened, again he let it go.
Must be something in the water.
Or the gas.

Here's your freebie. We are nearing the end. Of the kit I mean, don't freak out!
I love you guys! Don't forget to go to The Daily Scrap, and when you do, post in some threads for me, I'm totally laying down on the job.


JDY said...

Thank you for the freebie. I also feel like I get to read a comedy, not to joke about your daily life, but maybe because it is so much like mine!

Anonymous said...

I love your stories! Your sense of humor reminds me a lot of my own. Thanks for the link, too :)

Peggie said...

Wo,ho I was able to download another day of your feebies! Sometime Sendspace doesn't like me.
I love today's freebie and greatful
for each day I can get through. Thank you.

JoAnn said...

LOL! That sounds like my friend that got lunch at the food court at work and walked out without paying for it. She didn't figure it out until she saw her husband later on who asked what she did for lunch! :) Too funny Stephanie! Thank you for the tags! I can't wait to see what's next!

Vicki said...

Thanks so much once again!

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