Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The dog days of summer - literally

My dog is driving me insane.
I love him, yes, but he's making me crazy.
It's true.
Everytime I turn around, he's chewing on something that's valuable.
I don't know what to do with him. Yesterday he chewed up a whole box of tampons.
Just now he came into the computer room with one of the kids' stuffed animals and proceeded to chow down.
He has his own chew toys, but that doesn't matter. He even has one of Max's old stuffed animals, a little grey bunny, that he loves.
No matter. My new black sandals are much more fun.
Maybe they taste better.
The strange thing about Sam's bunny is that it is the only thing he doesn't destroy with his massive jaws, he gently puts the bunny in his mouth and carries it around everywhere, he hugs it between his huge paws, the bunny doesn't have a tear on him.
I can't quite figure it out. Everything else within a 10-mile radius is fair game for him to completely obliterate with his teeth.
We put our shoes out of his reach, we try to keep everything off of the floor.
The boys made the mistake of leaving one of their Star Wars guys in plain site for Sam. We think the dog may have had Han Solo for his afternoon snack.
Maybe he's part goat.
I just don't know. I had this idea about having a dog, the rewarding part, the bringing newspaper and slippers and part.
What I didn't factor in was the fact that I would have to train the dog to do those things, and that it isn't always so easy.
I got him sit and shake. That's it. And he only does those things part of the time.
When I walk him, he usually wraps the leash around me. Or he runs after some unknown thing and decides to drag me along with him. Literally.
It was embarassing because some neighbors were walking by once when he decided pull me down and drag me.
They just looked at me on my tummy, being pulled like a ragdoll around my front yard by an overactive Lab. They kept on walking. Ah, neighborly love.
I felt like Indiana Jones under the moving vehicle.
Actually Indie's whip would have come in handy right about then.
And they say pets are therapeutic.
Well, I guess they are, you need therapy after dealing with them.

Anyway, here is the start of your new freebie, it's a kit I made at 2BScrapped called Confections of Courtney. It's based on cakes made by another scrapper. These are really neato cakes with awesome colors. The kit is kind of like a birthday party type kit. Today I'm giving you the alpha. The link for this is below. This kit is huge so it will be several days of giving it out. But I do these things cause I love y'all.
Enjoy and go to The Daily Scrap. I mean it. You know I'm giving you a hard time, right?


Keitha said...

Thank you for the Freebie!!

Paula said...

Cute alpha - I could also use it in a fireman layout! Thanks!

plp said...

Cute alpha! Thank you!

Got three words to say to you...
dog training class! lol

JoAnn said...

How cute! Thank you for this! I can't wait to see what's next!

Dean said...

Great video - thanks for spreading the message!!

Dana said...

This is so cute - thank you again.

Stephanie said...

Thanks guys! And Dean, glad you like the video! ;)

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the Alphas!

Stephanie said...

Plp, just saw your post and you right girl!

LeeAnn J. said...

Cute idea...fireman layout, or taking your kids to the firestation for the first time, type layout~

Katie said...

Thanks for the freebie

KimJohnson said...

Oh I feel for you our oldest dog went through this when he was a puppy too. And no punishment seemed to help, but he actually stopped after getting all his adult teeth. So there is hope, but it takes time, lol. :) He almost didn't make it with us after he chewed up my DH's expensive Koss head phones though. :o Anyway good luck and thanks for the freebies!

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