Sunday, August 06, 2006

All because I'm trying to stay hip

Well, after I post this my boys and I (Daddy on a trip again) will have to go back to Gordman's to return some stuff I bought yesterday.
Turns out that what I thought was a skirt is actually a strapless dress. And with a size 36 D bust, I don't DO strapless.
What's up with all this strapless stuff anyways?
I thought it was a skirt that was made really weird until a light went on in my brain. Also I have to return a tank top that I need a STRAPLESS bra for, which I have, but it doesn't fit anymore.
I don't know what I was thinking. I usually don't even wear that kind of stuff, but it looked so cute.
I know it would just sit in my closet til the end of time, snap purchases usually do. Just ask my red platform shoes.
Ask my leopard print espadrilles.
Ask my hawaiian print dress.
Anyway, enough on that, my closet is loaded with crap.
So, yesterday the boys and I were in Gordman's for nearly two hours. It was no sales tax day so I thought I would take advantage of that.
Everyone else did too.
The boys needed some new shoes for school. I could barely walk through the aisle. Shoes and paper were strewn about everywhere. Can't people pick up after themselves anymore?
I waded through clothes that had fallen off of racks.
It was utter chaos. The boys were whispering to one another while I was rifling through the racks, I think they were plotting my demise. It was like "Lord of the Flies" in there.
The store TV provided some much needed distraction for them.
Like most guys, they hate shopping, especially clothes shopping.
I finally settled on some decent shoes for them, a blue tank top with a "scrunchy" bodice (the one I'm taking back), a white scrunchy skirt (actually a dress), a brown knit skirt, a cute graphic tee that says "Chocolate" and some jean capris.
Oh and underwear for the boys and earrings for me.
Grand total? Well over $100, let's put it that way.
What happened to half price? I would just like some of that money back but I know they are going to give me a gift card or something dumb like that, so I might as well exchange what I bought for something else.
I'm out the cash anyway.
I don't know why I do that! We really don't have it, but the nice shoes that I got the boys were totally worth it. They were the most money after all, at about $40 a pair.
Man. We are gonna go broke buying for those kiddos and me too, considering that I buy the wrong thing and can't get money back for it.
Wish me luck and pray that I don't buy anything that can keep the espadrilles company in my closet.

Here's your freebie, I hope you likee, I'm almost done with my new kit for the store too. I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night working on it. I know I'm crazy. But hubby was gone so I took my chance when I could get it. Like most scrapping husbands, he thinks I spend too much time on my new hobby. He wants me to actually spend time with him and the kids. Man, how unreasonable can you get?


Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the newest link!

Amy's Images said...

Me is lonely, I have to come to your freakin blog just to hear from you. I am beginning to resent blogs. Ok, I am off to work on my blog.

JoAnn said...

Thank you! The brads and ribbons are my favorite! :)

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