Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's Insane What PMS Can Do

I'm PMSing right now so that basically means I love chocolate, want to kill people and have two zits in one on my face. You know the kind that grow together?
When I PMS, I get agitated over the dumbest things. Like at the grocery store, I went to the express lane and had more than 15 items, but do two of the same items count as one? I was thinking about this. I had two jars of spaghetti sauce and two 12 paks of pop. Same items, I think they should be counted as one. One big item.
I just don't know.
Also, I was mad because there was a big crowd at the swimming pool today.
Little things like that.
And my kids. When I'm in this state they have a tendency to be more loud, more naughty and just plain obnoxious. Like I told Danny after church that he couldn't have ice cream.
He threw and fit and said, "Oh why, why? Huh?" and then proceeded to stick his tongue out at me.
Needless to say my hand found his bottom and his bottom found its way to his room.
And no ice cream ever for him I say.
Also it's waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime and I'm posting for y'all. That's devotion. That's dedication. That's honoring the promise of a freebie everyday and a hot meal on every table!!
Anyway, enough on that here tis. More pieces from *insert dramatic music* A House In Logan.
Enjoy. And for all you ladies who can't get enough of me, I'm now live at The Daily Scrap store after much trials and tribulations.
Who knew there were so many people who still had dial up??
Anyway, here's the link to my store. Go there. Go West young man. It's a long link, but I'm blog dumb. But I did post a blinkie up there. It's for CT members though. All two of them. :)


mgc said...

Thank you for the freebie. I will eat a piece of chocolate and send good thoughts your way. :)

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the newest link. This is a great kit. Hope the PMS is better tomorrow. I know how you feel!

carmel said...

thank you again, Stephanie...hope you're feeling better...i do so enjoy reading your posts!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are fun. Just discovered your blog. Sorry all the download limits have been reached so none of the freebies are available. Sob.

Mom2fur said...

We've all had those days! I hope you feel better now...but go for the chocolate, even if you do. Why not? Grocery items? 15 isn't so bad if the line is for 12. Especially if there is only one regular register open and there are 10 people waiting on it. It's the jerks that come with half-full baskets to express that are annoying. The actual number of items, btw, refers to how many times the cashier uses the scanner. So two jars of Ragu is two rings, LOL! (And my kid would have lost ice cream priveleges for a loooong time, too--so, way to go, MOM!) Oh, btw...thanks for the beautiful kit!

Jean said...

This is such a pretty kit! Thank you so much :)

plp said...

Thank you for the link.

I think all women can relate with the monthly trials and pain. And moms can More than relate when it comes to our little angels. lol

Dean said...

You are tooo funny!! Keep the entries coming and I hope Blogger behaves for you!

Julie said...

PLease don't cancel the link - sendspace has been down & I am unable to get it yet... :( I will try again in the morning to see if it's still good & see if sendspace is up yet.

Thanks so much for these great pieces to the kit so far!

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