Saturday, July 29, 2006

How could you miss with a red Ferrari and a Hawaiian shirt??

Who likes Magnum PI?
I do. And it's my husband's favorite show of all time.
He bought the entire first season on DVD and we have watched it nonstop since then.
So it's been a Magnum/scapping marathon today. In fact, my husband is right behind me watching it on his laptop.
My favorite character is Higgins. I love the two dogs Zeus and Apollo. Of course T.C. is way cool, too.
I told my husband that in our relationship I'm Magnum and he's Higgie Baby.
You know, since Higgins is so uptight.
He rolled his eyes at me.
Anyway, the Mag theme song is running through my head, I feel like driving super fast and donning a Hawaiian shirt.
I would also like to grow a mustache. Just kidding.
Anyway, because I got Magnum on the brain, my new kit is island inspired. It will soon be available at The Daily Scrap and called appropriately, "Island Girl," you know, like the Elton John song. Magnum and Elton John. I'm a nerd, I know.
Anyway, I didn't forget about your elements.
Here's the freebie of the day. It's some elements and paper from A House In Logan. Remember I'm giving this kit in pieces everyday until you get the entire kit. So those of you who think you've missed something, you totally haven't! Everyone wins here! It doesn't get better than this! Well having a million bucks may be better.
Anyway enjoy and stop by The Daily Scrap. Love ya!!!


Dana said...

Thank you for the new part. This kit looks great.

plp said...

I Loooooove Magnum! We have the dvds too and just loved watching.

Thank you for the new part to your kit.

Vicki said...

Thanks so much for the elements! Love the new kit too!

Peggie said...

Stephanie - I love this kit. I
just read your blog and I don't
know when you have time to do these
lovely kits, but I'm sure glad ya
do. Thank you so much.

Stephanie said...

As always, thanks girls, and peggie, I take a lot of flak from DH about being on the computer too much but to me it's worth it! :)

kallen1105 said...

Thanks for sharing...

Sweet Genevieve said...

ROFL Found you via the freebie post you left at DigiScrapDivas, and have been poking through your blog. I had to post on this entry because my DH and I are huge Magnum fans, too (we're on season 2 now)! My DH was just telling me the other day how when everything is going wrong, watching Magnum PI helps him feel calm again (so, kind of like me and chocolate). lol

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