Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In real life there is no laugh track, but there should be

We are probably the only family in America today without cable.
This is a proven fact.
And because we don't have cable, we also don't have "regular" TV either. So the long and short of it is: No TV programming at all.
This arrangement has been fine thus far, my husband, the boys and I just watch movies on the DVD player when we feel the need to be entertained by a lighted box.
We got our news from the radio and the Internet.
But my husband felt something was "missing" and that it "wasn't the same." In spite of his feelings, we still don't have cable.
He knows we are better off without it.
But the other day our TV viewing changed. My husband decided to buy RABBIT EARS!
He was very excited about it. "Now we can watch the news!"
Also we were looking forward to Funniest Home Videos on Sunday night. That is still on right?
Anyway, since 7-year-old Max and 5-year-old Danny have gone without regular TV most of their lives, the new array of programming is quite foreign to them.
They stare at the TV with great interest, and Max asks his dad if they can watch the "channels" together.
Max also told me he really liked the "laughing computer."
"Huh?" I asked, "what's that?"
"Oh, it's when they laugh at stuff on the channels."
I realized with amusement that he meant the famous laugh track.
It's like my boys have come out of the woods and into the 21st century.
They are like Nell over here.
But, I personally think that's a good thing :)

Here's your freebie for today, it's called Sequin Special, I know boring name, but I was pressed for time. I got start planning more!
Don't forget to let me know how you like my stuff and if I should just cash in this designing thing. Sorry, I'm insecure.


Anonymous said...

Thank You! for another great gift! You have talent! You have to believe in yourself before others will believe in you! I laugh at your blog. Only because your thoughts and actions are ones I had about 10 years ago. Keep after those children to clean. They forget everything when they are teen-agers but if you teach them at least there are times when they remember. I've been feeling like we're the only one's in Canada without cable or high speed. I remember the rabbit ear stage. Still don't have (can't get) cable. 16 year old stays up to all hours getting his fill of the stuff when he stays over at his best friends.

Looks like you have some great ideas and talent as a designer and as a MOM. Go with your gut instinct. It's not easy. BELIEVE in yourself!
Sometimes it just seems easier to give in. Learn from my mistakes. Think about what's right for you and go with it. The hardest thing for me to do was give myself credit. That trickled down to how my boys saw me and how they saw themselves. Basically I'm saying.... You have what it takes so go with it! (Looking a little like you are the only one that doesn't see how Great you really are... Confidense is all you lack!)

mgc said...

Thanks for the goodies! Don't put your keyboard/mouse away yet, you're doing a great job designing!

DD said...

Don't be insecure! I like your style, very simple and elegant. Thank you for sharing them!!

plp said...

Thank you for another day of your wonderful freebies.

You are not the only family not to have cable. We don't and we never will. I hate what is on TV. Commercials have even gotten really bad, not family friendly. We watch dvds, we chose what we want to watch.

Don't feel deprived. Myself, I think that as a family we are blessed not to have cable.

Your blog is my favorite blog. I looooove reading about your life. You make me laugh. You are not boring at all!!!

Keep up the great work. I am in awe of anyone who can design kits. Please don't stop...begging here. lol

Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone, you guys are the greatest!!!! I love that YOU read my blog!!!
PLP-I'm glad I'm your fave!!!!

Anonymous said...

great little place you ere....thanks for the goodies too...enjoyed my reading.

cindiaskew said...

thank you for sharing, insecure?
about what? you're awesome

StacyA said...

Hello from another family that only uses the TV for DVDs!! Too much trash nowdays, and yes, we want to protect our son from the junk out there. So you go, girl! You're doing what's best for your family!!

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