Friday, July 28, 2006

A heavy heart and a weak bladder

I am very saddened by the news that 2BScrapped will close. I heard this last night after I posted yesterday's entry.
I am still very thankful to Miriam Lima because she gave me break and let me design, she also taught me a thing or two about a thing or two.
I know she worked really hard to make the site a reality.
Not that I won't be "seeing" Miriam again, because we talk on Hello nearly everyday, and I will also join some of my other 2BScrapped buddies at The Daily Scrap.
Be sure to come on over and see us!
Also of course special thanks go to Amy Musgrave, who also lead me to Miriam and my designing future! I have asked Amy if I could please please post some of her wonderful layouts using my kits here on the blog.
She agreed. :)
I won't just limit it to my kits, though, when Amy does other LOs with kits by other wonderful designers from The Daily Scrap, I may post those, too :)

I know you are all used to my crazy entries, so I won't bog you down with all the saddness.
Here goes.
My boys follow me wherever I go. Everywhere. To the bathroom, the computer room, our bedroom and the kitchen.
Right now they are in here playing with their airplanes, complaining about the dog.
"Get Sam outta here, Max!" Danny yells.
"NOOOOO! Sam!" Max screams.
The poor dog, if I were him I would never leave the safety of our bedside.
The boys wanted that dog when he was a sweet little puppy in the pet store, but now that he's bigger than they are, they complain.
But I love that galoot. I'm talking about the dog here. He's a sweetheart who jumps up to get love if my husband and I are hugging. He also loves to shake hands.
I taught him that! I thought that was quite an accomplishment since I can't even get 7-year-old Max to wipe his own bottom.
We are going to get Sam "fixed" soon. I hope it doesn't change him, the vet said it would make him less aggressive, which I guess is good considering that he freaks out whenever anyone walks by our house.
Not to mention his bladder control leaves a lot to be desired. But he's only about 8 months old and I don't think any one of us had control at that age.
After giving birth to two boys who weighed over 8 pounds, I know I still don't.
That's why I hate aerobics. All that jumping. Ugh.
Anyway, here's your freebie. The preview is above, my blog hates me, too. I have the blog curse. Anyway the freebie is part of my first official kit ever (not counting the crummy ones I designed before that that I thought rocked) A House In Logan. Since 2B is closing, I'm getting rid of this kit so I can focus on hot new stuff. Well quasi hot I guess. Anyway, I'll post the rest of the kit throughout the next few days. I love you guys!!!


MaisieD said...

Me first??
Thank you for the Alpha's. they are wonderful!

hluebner said...

:( YouSendIt says...Error
The link you have clicked is not available.
However, your stuff is beautiful in the preview.
Blogger is bad to me, too! So don't think you are alone! Bad Blogger. Bad Blogger!

Anonymous said...

I was unable to download as well. Looking forward to the next piece. Thanks!

Lei said...

Thanks for the Freebie, forgot to leave this yesterday!

JDY said...

Thanks for all the beautiful work!! But it does say download limit reached.

dmook said...

HI Stephanie - Tried to download House In Logan and it says download limit has been reached. I'm truly bummed - it's Soooo pretty. Could you refresh the link? Pretty Please?????

Got the Alpha - Thanks bunches!

Donna Mook

Dana said...

The preview looks aswome, which makes me really sad I missed out on getting it :(

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