Wednesday, January 03, 2007

You say you want a resolution?

Hey all! I haven't been on for awhile, sorry about that. Anyway I wanted to give you all my New Year's resolutions. Here we go .....

1. WORKOUT AND WORKOUT SOME MORE. Who doesn't have this one on their list? Huh? I hope to shed 30 pounds. Yeah. Right.

2. Not to give up chocolate in order to get my dream body. This may be a bit of stretch, but I figure I can do it! Willpower, y'all, willpower.

3. Reset my priorities. Typically in life, there is no reset button (I heard that on a commercial once) but I intend put God first, family second and career third (I learned that when I was an MK consultant, only now I intend to do those things without scamming people out of money in the process).

4. By resetting priorities, I plan to be a much better wife and mama. But where am I at right now? On the computer. Sheesh.

5. Give it all to God. Yes, whether He wants it or not, he's getting all of my old luggage and dirty laundry. Here's the whites, God!

6. Read my Bible EVERYDAY. I have already started this of course. I have a one year Bible that I had last year, too. I read until about July 23. This year, I'm gonna read THE ENTIRE THING. Even Leviticus. I mean it.

7. Get more organized. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is more disorganized than me. Seriously. I have bills from 1999 in my car. Time to clean up my act.

8. And speaking of cleaning up my act .... I also intend to keep my house clean consistently. Yes, you heard right, no more Digi Shop Talk til all hours. Time to clean. And I mean clean.

9. Put others first. By this I mean, forgetting my own comfort zone for the greater good. This is tough, that's why it's so far down on my list, but a leopard can't change its spots overnight.

10. Promote my designs more. Yeah, watch out, I'm gonna be making you all sick. This is really far down 'cause I'm lazy. Oh yeah, I wanted to work on that, too. And going to bed earlier. Yeah, um it's 11 now.
At night!
Anyway, here's some promotin' for ya. I also intend to post at DST to tell ALL about my blog, so if you are here from there, hello.
Here are my two newest kits, A House In Logan and If You Wear That Velvet Dress (for you Fran B). They are actually old kits of mine that I have revamped. HEEEEERE they are:

NOW PLEASE BUY THEM. Thank you. End of promoting.



Melanie said...

Great resolutions! It feels good to start of the new year with a plan, doesn't it!?!? :) Happy New Year!

Donna said...

I really like your resolutions! I can relate (as I am sure we all can) to most of them. I felt like I was reading MY resolution list. I have to learn to give it all up to God, too. Boy is that hard!

Happy New Year & Hugs


Terri said...

Thats right girl, you gotta promote those beautiful kits. I have alot of the same resolutins. Now to get them started. Oh and about time you updated. I was getting sick of the same old post lol. JJ

fran b said...

EEEK...resolutions are too tough!
You really need to promo your kits. Your by far one of the Digi Scrappin GREATS! PEOPLE NEED TO SEE YOUR WORK.
Yaaa...Thanks for bring back red velvet dress. I'll have to go check it out....will probably wait a bit to see if it goes on sale but will definetly be buying it!

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