Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm spooked.

OK, so I know I already posted today and I actually did get some cleaning done.
The reason for the SECOND POST is that I want your opinion on something.
I'm a Christian and we are not supposed to believe in ghosts. Only angels and demons.
But as much as I don't want to believe in ghosts, my co-worker (an avid "ghost hunter" in her spare time), insists that they are real!
And judging by some of the photos she has shown me, I tend to believe, too. So I'm torn. During this time or year, Halloween, there's a lot of talk of spirits and the like.
Before I became a Christian, I totally believed in such things, now I'm not sure.
I don't want my faith compromised by believing in ghosts, because next thing you know, I'll be reading my horoscope and buying freaking Tarot cards.
So, what's your take?
Ghosts? Demons? Pure bunk?
What are the messages whispered that ghost hunters call EVPs?
What are the mysterious spots and eerie human forms captured in photos?
I give you total permission to freak me out here, and me being a baby Christian I need guidance too.
So go for it ...


Cindy said...

Hi Stephanie,
I am a Catholic Christian, and I believe in ghosts. I believe that some people are more sensitive to them than others. I have not personally had an experience with a ghost, however when I was a small child, my parents beleive the house we lived in was haunted and woke up one morning with the couch pulled out from the wall and our backdoor screen taken off from the hinges. (a man had been murdered and his body left behind the couch). Sooo, I am a believer!!!!

Jan said...

Hi Stephanie,

I'm a Christian - have been for 35 years. I don't believe in ghosts - but I do believe we have a real enemy who knows our weaknesses and knows where he can try to confuse us - I think the evil spirits that he is in charge of can certainly masquerade as someone who has died - they know a lot about this world and it's people - but they aren't all knowing or all powerful like God is - they do like to deceive and pull our attention away from Christ. I truly believe that most of the supernatural activity that we see in the world is the work of demons - the Bible says they are real. I have a coworker who has had a lot of experiences with what she believes are "ghosts" or "aliens" - but then she is really open to this idea and I think that is why these evil spirits manifest themselves to her in that way - it reinforces her superstitions and keeps her away from the truth. I take hope in the fact that "Greater is He that is in me that he that is in the world!" We need not fear their activity as long as we are trusting in Christ. I'd caution you, as a young Christian, to not let yourself "dabble" in this - we have such a natural curiousity that can open our heart and mind to things that are to our detriment. I really didn't intend to write so much - and I'm sure that many will disagree. I just know for my life I have found that I experience more of God's joy and peace when I keep my focus on Him!!

Kori said...

Who says Christians can't believe in ghosts? I have never heard that before. What denomination are you a member of? It can be suprising what different denomiations beleive in and even the differences in what was taught in church 60 years ago versus now.

Anonymous said...

My husband is Christian and grew up and a Roman Catholic. He practices his faith and allows are children, who want to, to practice it also. I am not a Christian. I tend towards native american teachings. Allthough he did not grow up believing in ghosts, he does believe in them now. I believe strongly, that just as there are good and evil people, there are good and evil ghosts. And the same goes for angels versus demons. Speak with your creator or God, and find your peace within. When I was younger, I dabbled in things that weren't so good. But I came to where I am, and know that there is a spirit that helps to guide me.
Take care. And good luck to you.

Stephanie said...

Cool thanks for your comments guys, I'm glad you could offer me your opinions on this, it really bugs me ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
I have been a Christian since I was eight yrs old.I am 52 now.I have grown in the Lord and have learned sooo many things.As far as ghosts go..I have never seen one.But in 1 Samuel 28 starting with verse 7...Saul prayed and couldn't hear from God because of something he will have to read sends his servant to seek a woman that hath a "familiar spirit" so he can inquire of her.She asks him whom can she bring up..and he wants her to bring up Samuel the prophet.Samuel asks why hast thou disquieted me? vs 15... is something to this..but in the new testament you see Christ rebuking these people who have the "familiar spirits".They are of the Devil..because he tells them to get behind me satan. you read the learn that God made everything for himself...including the Devil and the demons..what power do they have??Well..God limited satans power with Job..told him he could do anything but kill him.And isn't it funny that God is the one who pointed Job out to satan.Wow..and look at how he was blessed in the end.I believe in demons.I think as you grow to trust the Lord with all your heart ..and if the curcumstance is will be allowed to see into God's spiritual Kingdom.I have seen a demon and it was at a point that God was revealing a revelation to me.The demon was there to distract me from hearing the came out of not expecting to see anything at all.and just sat there staring a hole through me.As soon as I got my mind on what God was telling me..he went away..But the Lord had prepared me to trust him no matter what.I think it was a test of my trust in him.It was unsettling but I chose to trust the Lord...after all he is too smart to create something that will outsmart him.:)
I am gonna sign anonymous ..not because I am ashamed of this..but because I don't want to be inundated with a lot of emails etc on this subject.Unless you know what I am talking may seem odd.:)

Stephanie said...

I know what you mean. The Lord speaks to me in many ways, too. And a lot of people get freaked by that.

Miriam's Blog said...

Steph - We are not believers or non-belivers in my household but if we saw a ghost I would believe it. We certainly don't go looking for them but I find it hard to believe that they do NOT exist. Personally, we belive we have a baby ghost or spirit in our current home as we often hear a litte girl cry for her mommie. At first we thought it was our young daughter but quickly found it was impossible because of cetain things. However she tends to not bring us any harm or discomfort or any kind of bad feelings. As for my religion, which happens to be catholic, I don't have a clue if we are supposed to believe or not. All I can say is that If I see it I will believe it. What I hear and feel in my home is mutual by me and Al and our minds will not be swayed by the "rules" our faith.

Boni said...

Did anyone ever tell anyone that angels can leave energy forms and masses on pictures?
Once I had adrivers licence picture taken 3 times to get these apparent flames that appeared above my head to vanish ! It freaked the people around me out I read that the Holy ghost appears as flames above the heads of his ,I was flattered that God let me know who I was , others felt it was evil ....I would say because they didnt get them .I know what I beleive and I know who I work for so little frightens me !
Well except for the fact that people would rather beleive in evil and be afraid than accept and enjoy these wonderful things.
I see things that others dont and I know things that others dont and when I tell them..... they would rather see me as a witch than as messenger....Go figure !

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
This is a topic that we struggle with along with other Halloween stuff every year. We have many friends who celebrate it and many that don't along with us, but the kids can be cruel with each other about it. So we've been looking for more information ourselves. Jan and the Anonymous with the reference to Samuel are right on track with what I've found. A inexpensive resource I got the other day was "The Facts on Halloween" by John Ankerberg & John Weldon at our local Christian bookstore. It has a section about "ghosts" being demons. If we believe what the Bible teaches us over and over (Philippians 1:23, 2 Corinthians 5:6-8, Luke 16:22-26, 2 Peter 2:9); then we believe as Christians that our human spirit is either with Christ in heaven or confined to punishment in hell, so it can't be roaming around on earth as a ghost. I've also had times when I've doubted, but remember to stand firm on what you know is true and that's God's word. It is your weapon against the enemy and all his demons! Stay strong and I'm praying for you always.

Donna said...

Hey Stephie baby - I'm a baby Christian too, and for the most part I have shied away from believing in such things, but my mother relayed a story to me not long ago that makes me wonder. My cousin's youngest son (maybe 6 or 7 years old)made a comment to her a while back when they had just moved into a new house. He said that "the old man is not here with us". When she asked him who he meant, he described an elderly man who was sitting and gently slapping his hands on his knees. My grandfather had a habit of doing that (so much so that everyone in the family hearing this story believes it was him), and he passed away in 1978 - way before this little guy was born. Apparently, according to this little boy, the older man had "lived" with them at their old house for as long as he could remember, and was always kind to him, and had "appeared" to him many times - and this little guy was never afraid.

I think children are more sensitive to things that we adults are more sceptical of, but I don't have your answer. I just believe there is more out there much greater than us.



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