Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm a reject - maker that is

As the frenzied Scrapartist Apprentice Challenge dies down, I'm sure there will be a lot a rejects out there. No I don't mean people, I mean papers. And that's my freebie, my rejects, you know the ones I DIDN'T submit to Round 2 (for obvious reasons). I have decided to leave the original titles on them so as to give you a good laugh and let you in on the mess that is my desktop and life.
I also wanted to share with you while I have your attention that I am now selling at a new site. It's called
I like the name 'cause it has God in the title. Anyway, it's a way cool site with some funky graphics on the home page. Check it out! It's brand new and very speeeeeeecial. And the best part? I'm selling there, yo.
All kidding aside, it is a nice refreshing site and I hope to see you all there.
My first kit is not in the store yet, but soon will be. I stayed up until 2 a.m. again last night working on it. So right now I can barely keep my eyes open. If there's misspellings and bad grammar, now you know why. Know what i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaannnnnnnnnnn..................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


fran b said...

i'll take your rejects!looks like it took you awhile to get your scrapartist entry in...but i'm sure you'll be in round 3...your entry is unique.
congrats for getting in to a new go-
store.i now have it bookmarked.
good luck!

Miriam's Blog said...

Listen reject...i mean Steph...just kidding, you know your my
No drooling on your puter now!

Anonymous said...

Great set of papers! Thank you so much for sharing them.


Boni said...

Ok ran over and registered at Go digitals so I can get yr first kit ! Love the God choice too kewl ! and I think these are great cant wait to see what you put in the SA contest
And cant wait for your first kit Remember stay true to who you are thats why we love ya Nobody like ya !!!!

dmook said...

I checked out your new home - cool. Congratulations on finding a great venue for your gems.


Lizzerd said...

ya know, some people "just got no taste!" -- the rest of us like your stuff!! so there!
(love ya!)

SteinwaysMom said...

Luv dem papers. i don't know about you but I'm kind of sweating round 2, very fierce competition! hope we both make round 3.

Stephanie said...

I hope so too Debra!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! They don't look rejects to me. lol! Congratulations to you and wishing you the best of luck n SA contest.

hzgrace said...

Just want you to know I LOVE your new header!

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