Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A little on the sad side today

Well, here I am at the keyboard again.
It's funny, but today I'm extremely down in the dumps.
It's not because the kids are gone or anything (although I miss them). I think it's more that the house is a mess, my husband isn't here and I feel really fat.
I go through times when I feel like an awful person and I beat myself up and wallow in moods of black self pity. It's during these time that I need Jesus most of all.
After I post this I will probably pray and clean. And maybe design. Although I was up until 2 a.m. last night designing.
I know, that makes a lot of sense, huh?
Probably isn't helping with my overal mood is it?
I forgot to tell you guys, I've decided to work more at my current part-time job.
So I will get out of the house a little more and make money, too. Now that's something to be elated about right?

Here's your freebie. I hope you enjoy!


Jessica Russell said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy yhour blog. I think we all have days like your having :) I call them frumpy days. I also havc two boys (a almost three year old and a 15 month old) Your blog gives this SAHM a laugh when she needs one!! :) Thanks

prettyglo said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I meant to comment on your blog before (although I don't often do it) because I appreciate all your freebies and your posts. You have a knack for writing. Plus, I think I can especially can relate today! SOme day are just like that--down but without a clear reason why. I also appreciate the fact that you make Jesus a regular part of your life. I know without him, these kind of days would be overwhelming.

ANyway, I hope your day gets better. Thanks again for your generosity.


Anonymous said...

Great freebie! Thanks!

Michelle F. said...

Thank you. Your freebie post today is one of your best. I also wanted to let you know that I too find myself inexplicably down whenever my better half goes out of town. He just left again this morning, so I will probably be where you are tomorrow morning, suffering from too little sleep and too much loneliness. Hope the job thing helps. Know the prayers will. God bless you. This too shall pass.

Mara said...

Well you describe precicely some of my days.
I wish you happiness now and better feeling, thank you for your blog

Boni said...

Love this new stuff it rocks thanks

Dean said...

Really cute freebie!! Thanks so much and I hope you have a better day!

Joy Gross joygross@gmail.com said...

I am sorry that you are having a tough day... I too know what they can be like.. take care of yourself today... just do something for you..

Thank you for the freebie.

Anonymous said...

So sorry you have been having a hard day. You have brightened min by these amazing jewels. Thank you and sending a prayer up for you.

Anonymous said...

Well you may feel down in the dumps and beating yourself up but I'm telling you now stop beating yourself up and being self destructive ( I should practice what I preach hehehe ) Think of all the smiles you put on peoples faces when they watch your blog page open and they see your gorgeous work and how much pleasure you give people that you never see, you do it because you care and you love to share, that in my books makes you an awesome person hun. I don't know you and this is the first time I have commented on your blog but felt the need to show you there are lots of people out here in cyberspace you touch each and every day and even if they don't say it we are all grateful for you blog and your talent. I hope by now you at least have a small smile on your face if not I will have to come over there even if I have to swim across shark infested waters (I'm in Australia) to superglue a smile on that pretty face. We all have our bad days and I am glad you feel close enough to open up yourself to us all good and bad. It's all part of life and we by reading your blog feel like we are part of that life. So close your eyes take three deep breaths and think of all the good qualities you have and thank the Lord you are here to enrich our lives and those of your family and real life friends

hugzzzz to you


ps sorry this posting is so long I tend to ramble on a bit lol

Stephanie said...

You guys are so cool! I can tell you anything! Thank you for all your prayers, they helped today.

JoAnn said...

Hi Stephanie! I hope you feel better soon! :) I love your new freebie! THe butterfly is so pretty! I always look forward to checking out your blog! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We all have blue days. You just need some hugs and thank yous for the great products you put out! Cherish these days you have with your 2 young childredn. They grow up so fast. cg

Peggie said...

I hope you are feeling better.
Just think of the blessing you
are to us (your readers). You
spread sunshine with your writings
and kits. Thank you.

Natalie said...

I wanted to thank you for the freebie! And I also wanted to say how much I understand that feeling, that mood, you described today. It sounds like we've all been there. I'm glad that you find comfort in Jesus; that used to be true for me, but somehow, I lost the way. :/

Jill D said...

These look just B-E-A-U-Tiful!!! (Downloading as I type!) Thanks so much for sharing of your awesome God-given talent! You are a blessing!
Jill D

HeatherC said...

Oh I am so glad I found your awesome kits, I love the christiam jewelry one. I have been looking for good Christian elements and stuff.
I also wanted to tell you I know what you mean about the dark days I have had many of them lately while I try to give it to Jesus I tend to take it back without really reralizing it. My loved one is away right now which make sit oh so hard. But My Mom so to speack keeps telling me to just lay back and rest in the arms of Jesus, Be still and know that I am God is the verse she tells me to lay there and repeat until I feel better, I have to try to remind myself he is the still small voice that comforts me. God bless you dear for sharing, I am sure I will read you Blog often, Thanks for the kits, I pray you are feeling brighter soon

Bless you

Jean said...

I think we're all feeling a little down after yesterday but you bring so much joy to others with your beautiful works of art. Thank you for sharing your gift with us and I hope tomorrow finds you feeling better....

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

My name is Stephanie too. It sounds like we have more in common than just our names. LOL I don't normally read blogs but yours caught my eye for some reason.

I hope by the time you read this that you're feeling much better. I can see by reading the other comments that we aren't alone on these 'frumpy days' as Jessica called them. LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It really helps to hear that there is someone else out there who feels the same way!!!

Thanks also for sharing your beautiful creations with everyone. And don't worry about the housework. I can't count the number of times when there were a ton of things to be done around the house and instead of doing them, I sat down at the computer to create! LOL

Hope you are having a much better day today!!!

Big Hugs,


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you for the lovely kit.I absoulutely love your designs.
I also agree with the other bloggers..you are appreciated.
I have those kinds of days too.That is when I put the praise music on.The word says..the Lord inhabits the praises of his people.So..see..you aren't alone:)He is there.:)And we will continue to be there for you too:)

clw said...

Really hope you feel better... soon! And thank you for your lovely freebie :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, the butterfly is pretty

Stephanie said...

Wow, thanks again guys, you are all wonderful and I'm glad there are those out there who can relate to me!

Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you are feeling down...I was thinking those same things this very morning, especially about being fat...but God loves us just the way we are, imperfections and all...isn't that sooo awesome!!!

Gro from Norway said...

Very nice.Thanks

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