Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm jumping on ye olde bandwagon (again)

Yep, I did it. Like so many scrappers I know (well one anyway that I know personally) I sent my work to Scrapartist for the apprentice challenge. Where's Donald Trump?
Yes, the work was grueling. Yes, it was going to be a freebie for you at first, but I figured, I'm not getting any younger so what the heck? Why not send it in and be totally put the shame by the awesome talent on display.
I felt like being humble today anyway. I was thinking way too much of myself.
Here it is: entry. So far it only has 10 comments. Humph, the girl next to me has 15.
*crying shamelessly*
Anyway, I am really getting into designing stuff and seem to have found my groove. Just call me Stella why don't ya?
Well, actually don't.
Anyway, at first I was trying to copy everyone else, not literally copy, but copy the elements, like I had to do buttons and grosgain ribbons until I puked. But now I'm sick of 'em!
You'll get no more buttons from me!!! Well, except the one in today's freebie, but I don't count that as a button. It's a .... bauble, if you will.
My point in talking about buttons was to say that I am finally designing the way I want to. This is the real me designing, not trying to fit in so much. And I like it so much better! I learn something new everyday. I thought I knew it all about Photoshop, but there is so much out there. It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma. It's Richard's burrito.
But in spite of my breaking out of the grosgain mold, I really don't think I'll be the last one standing on the island in that group (talking about Scrapartist again). Which is good, cause I don't want to eat bugs or whatever or bungee jump thanks very much.
Speaking of eating ... I have gotten well, a bit larger to say the least.
I can't believe it. When I first quit my job last year I was wearing, I kid you not here, a size 6. Now I'm a bit larger at size 10, but a size 11 feels so good I buy a size 12.
So anyways, up six sizes in a year, not bad. Maybe I should have another chocolate, huh? I gathered a buncha my "skinny" clothes and put them in bags for Goodwill. After all, I've read that you should become used to your size. I think I'm a bit too used to it if you know what I mean.
Also I like to eat. What's fun about not eating? Uh, nothing, I agree.
And chocolate, that foul temptress that has followed me all of my life, giving me extra arm weight, laughing at my inability to walk by the candy aisle at the grocery store, she's to blame. But I just can't stay away from her, especially now that my fave DARK CHOCOLATE has become GOOD FOR YOU! I want to die happy anyway.

Here's today's freebie. It's called "Brokedown Palace" and I hope you like it! Keep coming to see me, I miss you when you don't :'(


debra said...

I don't know, I read your stuff and seems like I'm reading my own self.. yep, all 30 pounds in a year as well! Papers are gorgeous... I'm glad you're doing your own thing.. It's better than ever!

Ila said...

Stephanie, I think your production at scrap artist was far better than you think. Super job (I left kudos for ya). Thanks for this delightful freebie:~) You are da bomb!

fran b said...

it took me 2 years...from a size 4 to a sometime 10 and more time 12!
i love your work and your incredible jewels!!!your time in a bottle is a work of art! i'm dl now...you got a byzillion comments...good luck at scrapartist...theres no way they will not pick you.....free is not forever!!i don't buy alot of kits but you will definetly be on my list...oh and thanks again for the freebies!!!

Gabi said...

Thanks for sharing, I like the colors and textures.
Have a nice day!!

Anonymous said...

Your "time in a bottle" is super fantabulous!!! I just have this feeling that you will be chosen as one of the two winners who can become a scrapartist apprentice!! Your design is the most unique! Goodluck to you! Sorry I cant comment there coz I'm not a member yet. Thank you for all the wonderful freebies!

Boni said...

You are amazing ! I get up in the middle of the night like a junkie and stop by your blog ! In case noone ever told you you are a great humor writer .You never fail to make me laugh ! And at 58 not much makes me LOL .Just for you I reregistered, waited for the activation e-mail and went back and gave my comment! I figure if you can be my bOHO artist extrodinaire' than I can sit here at five in the morning to say YOU ARE GREAT! Oh sorry for yellin'
I just get so excited when you make someting new ....Love the names you put on your kits
Isnt it great to be you
Hugs Diva Dont ever give up !
PS dont get scared when you look behind you ! You have a following ,and please dont stop before signaling or we'll all run into you !LOL

crafteranne said...

I think your entry at scrap artist was great Stephanie. I am a purple lover. I think it was very elegant.

marietta99 said...

Scrapartist Update:
Good news-24 comments for Time in a bottle. (I registered and commented at the site this morning, too)

Bad news - 26 for the one next to it.

Better news: Time in a bottle is unique and truly wonderful. Your style is one of a kind - uniquely, wonderfully you.

By the way, thanks for both Time in a bottle and today's freebie.

Dawn said...

I love your style. I get tired of the "same old thing just in different colors" too. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

MA54K said...

Love the freebie as always.....did't look at your submission yet but I am sure it is superior..... As for the sizes you have gained.... I am a supervisor for Goodwill industries and we appreciate you donation! You never fail to make me giggle.

OOPS I looked..... You Go Girl! Love it, Love it!

Suzi said...

This is really cool, and I love the chair!! Thank you!

Noa said...

This is gorgeous! (And so is your entry at Scrap Artist.)

Anonymous said...

wow. I love the unusual elements in your freebies. Not the "same old same old". Thank you so much for sharing.

SAHM said...

Thanks for the freebie - like the colours. I also like that your items are "unusual" - how many people include CHAIRS or pendants in their kits? Love the difference. :-)

ConnyB said...

Thank you for your beautiful freebies! I found your blog yesterday and downloaded some, but wasn´t able to leave a comment... Sorry. So I will do it now! I love your generousity, your works are stunning. Thank you very much for sharing - it is appreciated :)

Denise said...

What a great kit. Snagged it right up! Keep up the great job!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

The entry looks fabulous..I love it! Here's hoping you win:)Thanks for the freebie too.:)

Anonymous said...

You are just hilarious. Thanks for the gift also. Good luck on the SA.

Dean said...

Love your freebie here and there! And who doesn't have a prob with chocolate! lol

suavejett said...

Just beautiful,,,Thanks and good luck to ya !

dmook said...

Cool stuff Stephanie! Surprise, you've been tagged! Get the info here:


Love ya,

Nita said...

Awesome freebie! Thanks a lot!

mary (lauda) ´scraps and more said...

wow, that´s great ! thanks for sharing.

SteinwaysMom said...

haha I felt so embarrassed that I look at the # of comments for all the other entries. glad I'm not the only one. You are really grooving the jewelry metalwork thing and not a lot of people are good at that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful freebie as always! Thank you so much for sharing!

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