Friday, September 15, 2006

Back in black, yeah I'm back in blaaaack

OK, so I'm a tid bit late, I know.
Big day at the office, that's all I got to say.
And we ate dinner at Subway, we got home and Max wanted to watch "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."
No, you didn't read that wrong.
I told ya he's a crazy kid.
Anyway, so I'm hurrying cause my hubbo has to work tomorrow, so I need to spend some HQ with him before he goes. It seems like my life is always rush, rush, rush, rush, let's add one more .... rush.
So ... a BIG STORY broke at work today about a cold case file. Can't tell you any more than that or I would have to kill you.
Needless to say at a paper with the circulation of about 800 people any big story is pretty darn exciting. Typically the size of produce makes the front page, or someone's Christmas light displays. Not even kidding here.
I'm am definitely not used to such as small town paper. My hometown was about 5,000 people, so our paper was fairly big. That's the quaint little publication that I got my journalistic feet wet, by the way.
And of course the paper I quit a year ago was about 50,000 circulation, cause it's a "big city" paper and I live in the "big city" now. LOL!
Big difference, eh?
But I like small-town life and small-town newspapers.
The Iowa town I work in is like Smallville or something. It's really old-fashioned, it's like the villa that time forget and that's actually pretty refreshing.
I hope that all made sense, as I'm pretty spent from tracking down the hard news.

Anyway, here's your freebie, it's call Back In Black, inspired of course by the hit AC/DC tune from the very early '80s. I'm an '80s child, by the way, I graduated in 1990. Which would make me about ....... yeah ... you guessed it, 34. I'm darn old. But I still know how to party! Well, actually I don't. But I'm still hip, darn it!


Anonymous said...

OMG, Koodie, u hit the nail on the head with me on these kewl freebies... I love, I mean LOVE the B&W papers!!!!!! I did my entire paper scrapbook wedding album in B/W n shades of grey only with deep red rose color and i have been looking for something as awesome to use digitally. The gold freebies I love as well, but I'll be using them on the browns, n stick with silver with princess diamonds with my digi wedding album. TY SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!! I love ur work totally and am appreciative of the integration of religious embellishments I can create. Ur awesome and God's Blessings on you! Take care!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keizerin :o)

Ummaro said...

Very striking! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

N btw... I'm from MN, where many of my relative lives in Smallville (lol) IA just like u... n dang it for JUST celebrating my 35th bday, so yes, I can totally relate with you n the 80's... ROCK ON!!!! Can u believe that my 15 yr old son actually loves the 80's n some 70's music? Can it be genetic or was it's cuz that's all he heard in the 90's? LOL


lindaschorn@msn said...

Love both Black kits
Thank You


JoAnn said...

What a gorgeous kit! It's so elegant! Thank you Stephanie!

DigiBrandi said...

Thank you, this is great! I am still stuck in the 80's... and I'm 31. Sigh.

mgc said...

Thanks for sharing, this is really a lovely freebie.

Saralee said...

Just came upon your space yesterday and I am so glad I did! I am absolutely loving your work! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.
Hugs & Blessings~ Saralee

Pam said...

Very elegant! Thank you! :)

Gret said...

Another gorgeous freebie, Stephanie. Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I love both of the kits!! They are fantastic and I can't believe this is now my third comment on a blog. LOLOL But I just love your stuff.

It sounds like you are living in a town very much like the one I grew up in. We also had a small local paper and the biggest news was when someone's pig got loose and ran down the main street. (No, I am NOT kidding.)

Also, don't feel bad. I just turned 39 on July 27th. My kids are only 2 and 4 (I started a family late) and I feel older than dirt! All the mothers at the school are much younger than me. aaargh!

Anyway, thanks again!!! I love your blog and your freebies.

Big Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful papers! Thank you so much for sharing. Also love the jewels.


Anonymous said...

I love these!! they look so elegant! You really create things so unique. Others will sell kits if they've made something as pretty as that but you are so generous to give it as a freebie . Thank you so much for the fantabulous freebies!!

TNChick said...

Love this black! I downloaded it. Thanks!

AC/DC rocks! hehe

Danielle said...

I have been wanting cool black based background -these will be perfect! Thanks!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Wow..what more can I say?:-) This is beautiful and to think I get to share it with you.Thank you soooo much.:-)

Dean said...

thanks so much - they are great. And chin up, I'm 33 and we are still young, right? :)

Rebecca said...

Back in Black... perfect title, I could hear the song in my head as it was Thanks for another awesome freebie! And can't wait to hear the news that's making the front page... you are going to tell us right? :D

Santana said...

What a great and beautiful Kit....I like it so much...many thanks for it!!!

dmook said...

Got ya beat babe - I graduated in '85! Just had my 20th HS reunion - scary huh? My how times flies :-). Love the latest freebie. I used to live in MN with inlaws in Illinois - drove through many "Smallville"s in Iowa along the way. I know what ya mean.

Thanks for sharing!


Jennie said...

Thanks for this lovely freebie! Beautiful papers. :)

Sheila (pianomama7) said...

This is SOOOO elegant! Thanks!!

Patty said...

Thank you Koodie for the lovely
kits~this is my first visit.
"So you want shabby" is my favorite and the flowers you have
created are so materialistic~
luv em.
TY TY ~ lovely gifts

Anonymous said...

Thanks, very classy!

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