Monday, August 28, 2006

What a long, strange trip it's been

Hey all! I just got back from my vacation in the Black Hills! Boy, what a trip! I mean that in ALL forms of the word.
Sorry guys, I meant to update this blog before I left, but you know how it goes with packing and all .... thanks for worrying Donna! ;)
Anyway, now I'm going to bore you with all the details of my trip, without the slide show. I will use a lot of descriptive words like "breathtaking."
Here goes ... I've seen the heads of Mt. Rushmore before in pictures, but it just doesn't compare to the awe-inspiring real thing! It was just gorgeous AND breathtaking!
Speaking of breathtaking, over to the left is a pic of my boys that was taken in Keystone. Aren't they too cute with their little calvary uniforms? It almost looks real huh? Look at the little one's expression, he just looks like he may have to go into battle doesn't he? I loved going to Keystone. Two words - JUNK SHOPS! How awesome. Shopping is so cool on vacation, I never think about money even though I should. It's like the real world gets left behind and you're in this fantasy place where money is no object and you gotta have that T-Shirt with the butts behind Mt. Rushmore printed on it.
Sweet! We now have four coffee cups with the faces on them. One miniature version of Mt. Rushmore, one tiny Devil's Tower, a bunch of really pretty rocks, T-Shirts and one book.
Can't beat that. Max says he's going to start collecting miniature mountains now, his next one will be Diamond Head in Hawaii he said.
So darn it, I guess if I have to I'll go to Hawaii.

On a sad note, my MIL's cousin passed away while we were in South Dakota. He choked to death. It was horrible, awful news. Even though he and my MIL were cousins, they were like siblings as my MIL was an only child.
I felt as if I too were very close to Ronald and his death is a shock to me that hasn't quite sunk in yet. With all the fun we had on our vacation, and just now making our reentry into the "real world" I'm sure the gravity of it all will really begin to hit.
I actually had a tiff with Ronald the last time I saw him in person, but we talked it out over the phone. He said I had "changed" and was like a "a flower that had been through a rainstorm," he went on to say that he wanted to see me "bloom again."
At the time I was angry, but now I realize the love that was put into those words and raw beauty behind them.
Goodbye Ronald.

BTW, the song that's playing is different for me, but it's a tribute to my dear friend. Being an entertainer, I know he would have liked that.

Here is your freebie, it's an update of my "How Green Was My Valley" freebie that I had given out before. ENJOY!
There's no porn this time, but of course I will post the LUCKYBUG link shortly.


hzgrace said...

Well Good!!! you have been missed.
Have a blessed day

plp said...

Been checking here everyday.

Nice to see you are back.

Hoping all is A OK with you and your family.

Stephanie said...

Thanks girls! You are too great!!! It's good to be back home!

Debby said...

Glad you are back!

dmook said...

Whew! Glad to hear you were having fun. Sorry to hear about Ronald, I am sure he will be missed. I am glad that you are able to see how much he loved you, albeit after the fact. I'm sure he's looking down on you, to make sure you do bloom.

Take care!


cindiaskew said...

vacations are nice. building a house so no vacations for a while.
thank you for the how green. it's so delightful. appreciate it

Anonymous said...

I'm new here and want to thank you for sharing your talent!
As for the music, I'm sorry to say that I don't know who that is a video of. I do like it though and was trying to search and find out who it is. Why don't they have a title or something on these videos? Gee whiz, I'm feeling embarrased now.

Stephanie said...

Oh don't be! It's Queen, btw. ;)

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