Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Weeding it all out

OK, so maybe I have heat stroke or something because I realized that my Aug. 1 freebie is actually supposed to be July 31. I worked ahead and look where it gets me. I'm so unorganized.
I was supposed to get my dog neutered on July 28 and I thought the appointment was Aug. 28.
My life runs me.
My husband, the boys and I worked in the yard tonight. Yes, it's about 100 degrees here.
We are crazy hicks.
But there is a method to our madness, hub is leaving tomorrow on a trip (he's a pilot) and won't be back for a couple of days. The fence guys are coming tomorrow, so we had to make the yard look good as well as get rid of some really nasty weeds.
So I'm chopping away in the back yard and sweat is pouring down my face.
The weeds have multiplied like rabbits this summer, I guess what? I don't pull weeds, much to my husband's chagrin ("my mom always pulls weeds ... ")
Good for her, I say, but I'm not a weed puller and never have been. Or a gardener. I would just prefer a clean landscape with absolutely nothing there, I would even prefer sand over grass.
I don't want greenery.
I'm pretty low maintenance I guess.
Or rather I want my lawn to be that way.
Anyway, it's about 100 degrees as I said, so we finish our job, which will never be finished because I didn't make a dent in the weeds, we drag ourselves back into the house and enjoy large glasses of ice water.
And I'm more against working in the yard than ever before.
Maybe my MIL will come over and do it ...

Here is your freebie for today. It says July 31 but we all know that story.
Also, check out the pic. At 4 in the morning I'm NUMBER 10! Sweeeet. Wonder what I am at 1 a.m., maybe I'm NUMBER 1. I'll have to check it sometime, it's the only time I will be Number 1 and I gotta take what I can get! You can be sure I will take a screen shot of it when it happens. I'm a sick, twisted person, I know.
Speaking of sick, twisted people, here is a funny video. I mean REALLY funny. Warning: It does have a couple of bad words in it. Watch it when the kiddos aren't in the room. Nothing racy, just plain old funny. :)



Anutter said...

Hey Stephanie,

I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for the freebies.

Dana said...

Thank you for taking the time to share this kit with us.

DragonFly Designs said...

Hello Stephanie...TY for the Freebie!!

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