Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A new look, for the blog, not me

As you can see, I have been trying to make my blog look more cool, more cutting edge, more sexy, more hip, more hop.
It's got a new header anyway.
I can't change the background and text box colors because I don't know where they are at on the template.
I really have no clue to revamp a blog, so you guys are getting basically the same thing, without links to other blog sites, which I plan to put back up soon (don't freak Miriam and others, I still love ya!)
Oh yeah, I changed my photo. It's very flattering and looks nothing like me. The stuff of a great photo.
I even put it in black and white to make it more dramatic.
And to hide blemishes.

OK, are you guys sitting down? Good. Because this is your last Confections of Courtney freebie. *CRY* It's all over. It's just some ribbons, they are cute and they look like all of my other ribbons. Anyway, enjoy girls or dudes (hi Bill), you deserved this kit, I wish I had another to give you, but I only made two at 2B ... or not 2B.
Sorry, had to joke like that.
So anyway, sit back, relax, dig on U2 and download the last bit of (insert dramatic music) Confections of Courtney!!!!!


funkyfunkyrach said...

Thanks I didnt recognise you on your new photo. looking good !

DigiBrandi said...

I like the new header. Thanks for the Courtney kit!

LeeAnn J. said...

Thanks for the link! I think this picture is great!

MKT said...

Gone already .... wow that was fast!

dmook said...

Again....gone too soon :-( Please tell me you'll re-post. Gotta have the last link!

Astrid said...

I like your kit thanks for sharing, but I think the link is dead because I get an error

Stephanie said...

Yes I will repost!!!

Anutter said...

Thanks so much for this kit. I check your blog every day because I love reading your witty stories. :)

dmook said...

Hey again Stephanie - I'll tell you how to change your background if you tell me how you changed your header ;-)

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