Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Might as well face it, you're addicted to scrapping

Well it is night No. 6 of me staying up until nearly 2 a.m.
Am I nuts?
Well, maybe.
My husband has been gone a lot lately and this is "my time" and I love it.
I don't love the fact that he's gone, don't get me wrong, what I like is being able to design until the wee hours of the morning. Well I like it until the next morning anyway.
But my point is, yes I do have one, is that I can't do that when he's home because he complains something awful.
I can understand that.
I know if my husband was scrapping until 2 a.m. I'd be a bit worried too. Not that he would do that, but still.
I have seen that a lot in the digi scrapping world, side comments on blogs and posts about irate husbands. I guess that comes the territory. The funny thing is I feel like a slave to my designing sometimes, it's so darn addictive that I just can't remove my rear from the chair.
My husband affectionately calls it "my scrapbook thing." As in "you're always on that computer doing your 'scrapbook thing.' You care more about that stuff than me."
It's quite heartbreaking when he says things like that and I feel totally guilty, until the next day when I'm back at it again.
It's kind of like quitting smoking or drinking. You vow you will stop, but you just need one more.
One more fix to carry you through. Just one more element. On more paper. On more tied ribbon. One more of those crazy slidey things that I don't know how to use.
One more.
The next morning you feel awful, you can't get out of bed, but then you take a hit of the hair of the dog that bit you and you are on the computer cranking out digi paper clip after paper clip.
Insane isn't it?
Maybe we should start a support group. "Hi, I'm Stephanie, and I can't quit making distressed papers."
(crowd) "Hi Stephanie!"
Well maybe I should just check myself in rehab. They could slowly ween me off by disabling my Photoshop and giving Paint to work with instead.

Sooooo, it's about 1:13 right and I am done with your freebie. Hubbo is in Florida.
I look a lot like the crypt keeper. A well-fed crypt keeper at that.
Yes, I am only 34 but look 80 because I stay up all night staring at a computer screen.
This freebie is based on my jewelry, hence the name (stating the obvious again). And I created a paper for the fun of it.
So I guess it doesn't really go together that well, but it's the thought that counts, right?
Anyway, thanks again for all of your wonderful comments today regarding my previous post. You are all truly great people and I'm glad to be part of this scrapping community, even if it DOES get me in hot water with my main man sometimes.
Here is the link, be sure to be on the lookout for the LuckyBug link!


Miriam's Blog said...

Hey Steph, just catching up on my blog reading. Talk about addiction...I get so addicted to reading your blog. You are a wonderful writer and funny to the point of peeing on ones self...seriously! Love ya girl

dmook said...

Stephanie - I think we are all slaves to this hobby; and I'm not even a designer. My "fix" is collecting digital freebies to scrap with. I'm a regular junkie. LOL. I don't think there's any hope for me :-). Miriam is totally correct - your blog is addicting, too.


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